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White pepper

Certainly, one of the most popular and widely used spices is pepper. The first references of it occur in the ancient Indian documents written in Sanskrit more than three thousand years ago. White pepper which has a delicate taste, unique aroma is especially appreciated and is less burning, unlike black. Meanwhile not all know – this spice is a fruit of the same plant, as black pepper.

Белый перец

Characteristic and origin of white pepper

This type of spice with gentle taste, easy sharpness, original and unforgettable aroma is highly appreciated in the world market of spices. First of all it is used in cookery, especially well white pepper is combined with fish and vegetable dishes, used at preparation of light sauces, sauces, soups, added to some meat products (beef and veal) or vegetable salads. Professional cooks claim that it impacts more refined relish and aroma to many dishes. It is added shortly before readiness, otherwise at long cooking products gain excessive bitterness.

Spice is not a separate type of pepper, these are the same fruits of a peppery liana. This plant in India, Indonesia (island of Sumatra), Thailand, on Madagascar, Laos, Cambodia and South America grows. Grow up white pepper on plantations for what establish poles around which the liana is upholstered. It can reach height of 15 meters though usually the plant is limited to 4-5 meters, length of leaves about 80-100 mm. After the end of blossoming round fruits of green color which then become yellow or red grow.

Length of a brush makes about 140 mm and it contains 20-30 stone fruit. To receive black pepper, fruits collect immature – they during drying in the sun shrivel and blacken. If to remove fruits when they already reddened and easily fall off a cluster, then do pepper of them white peas. For this purpose fruits soak in salty or lime water that all pulp which surrounds a seed, a pericarp descended, or dry up in the sun in heaps about a week – during this time the stone is cleared by itself.

After that spice is dried until vylushchenny peas become cream or gray color and equal spherical shape. From them it is possible to receive easily ground white pepper which represents yellowish powder and differs in stronger aroma. It is recommended to store spice in a ground look hermetically packed, otherwise it quickly exhausts and loses the properties. Pepper white peas can be stored within several years. Emergence of a plaque on it demonstrates the termination of a period of validity.

Honor routes of administration of this spice same, as well as at black pepper, however it does not suit for sweet dishes and drinks at all. But – ideal option for the test. Also often white pepper is a part of spicy mixes. Its caloric content makes 296 kcal on 100 g of a product

Useful properties of white pepper

In addition to gastronomic value, this spice is known for the curative properties therefore it is also used in medicine. Ground white pepper or peas recommend to patients during rehabilitation, after the postponed diseases caused by different infections. Other useful properties of white pepper:

  • Accelerates a metabolism;
  • Improves work of digestive tract, increases appetite;
  • Possesses antiinflammatory action;
  • Refreshes breath;
  • Normalizes work of a nervous system, removes irritation, increases resistance to stress;
  • Increases immunity, and also the general tone of an organism;
  • Has strong antivermicular, antimicrobic and antibacterial action;
  • Promotes clarification of an organism from toxins;
  • Liquefies blood, stimulates blood circulation, rassasyvat clots, reduces risk of developing of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Accelerates a metabolism, activating burning of calories.

Use of white pepper at chronic indigestion, toxins in a rectum, obesity, high temperature is recommended, as prophylactic from catarrhal diseases. In roast and a humid climate this spice is long since used as an antiseptic agent from gastric infections. However it should not be used in a large number as it can cause irritation or overexcitation.

Измельченный белый перец

In pharmacology on the basis of extract of white pepper make the warming ointments, drugs having antiinflammatory and antimicrobic properties. At external use spice well helps at treatment of the suppurated abscesses. In combination with honey, white pepper is an excellent expectorant, well deletes slime from respiratory bodies, reduces its education.

Still ancient Indians used this spice as remedy for cough, quinsy, asthma and other diseases. Spice contains three times more vitamin C, than orange. Also white pepper is rich with calcium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, sodium, vitamins of group B, PP, carotene. It contains a large amount of essential oils which improve a muscle tone, reduce muscle and spin pains at stretchings. Besides, it is capable to strengthen action of other medicinal plants.

It is not recommended to use this spice in the presence of gastritis, a peptic ulcer of a stomach, a duodenum, an inflammation of kidneys, bladder diseases, at anemia. Also a contraindication to use of white pepper is the individual intolerance.

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