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White chocolate

Как приготовить домашний белый шоколадDelicacies love everything, irrespective of age. Among a huge variety of various desserts white chocolate is in rather great demand. Unusual caramel taste of this product attracts many sweet teeth. Chocolate is produced both in "a pure look", and with addition of various fillers. It allows everyone to choose for itself suitable taste of a favourite dessert.

White chocolate – structure

Chocolate is called the product prepared with use of fruits of a tree of cocoa. These are beans as a result of which processing receive cocoa mass, and also powder and oil, on its basis. Depending on a type of a delicacy, in addition to these main ingredients, sugar and milk can be added to it in various proportions that does a dessert bitter or milk. There is one more version usual all of a product – white chocolate which was created less than hundred years ago. So unusual color forces many admirers of a classical dark dessert to doubt its "shokoladnost".

Unlike the two first versions, at white chocolate the structure is less saturated cocoa products – in it there is neither cocoa mass, nor powder from it. Lack of these ingredients explains unnatural color of the acquaintance to all a product. To prepare a white dessert, only cocoa butter is necessary. Also are required: the sugar crushed to a condition of powder, powdered milk and vanilla as fragrance. Powder milk gives to a product specific smack of caramel. Existence of cocoa butter says that the delicacy after all belongs to "chocolate family".

Cocoa mass contains the alkaloids, caffeine and theobromine rendering tonic and exciting action on a human body. The people having sleeplessness or having supertension can use white chocolate which structure excludes availability of these substances. However a large amount of sugar and high caloric content of a product, at its unlimited use, promote increase in weight of sweet teeth.

White chocolate – pros and cons

The relation to white chocolate is ambiguous. Opponents of an unusual dessert speak about its harm and the total uselessness for an organism. The excess amount of sugar, in their opinion, is capable to spoil any figure and even to lead to development of various diseases, for example, to a diabetes mellitus.

Fans of a sweet delicacy not without justification claim that cocoa butter contains a number of irreplaceable amino acids, and also antioxidants and vitamins. Lack of exciting substances in white chocolate gives the chance to enjoy its taste to people to whom the classical dark option of a dessert is contraindicated. To avoid problems with health, just it is necessary to observe a measure in the use of this product.

In a dispute of supporters and opponents of white chocolate the amendments are introduced by producers. Trying to reduce product cost, they often replace standard ingredients with their cheaper analogs, for example, instead of cocoa butter use vegetable fats. It also leads to the fact that in chocolate there is practically no useful substance left.

Not to refuse a favourite delicacy and at the same time to avoid low-quality goods, it is possible to make a dessert independently. The recipe of production of a delicacy the hands for certain will be pleasant to admirers of white chocolate.

White chocolate – house preparation

For independent preparation of white chocolate it is necessary to prepare the main components of this product. First of all, cocoa butter, will also be required sugar, it is better in the form of icing sugar, powdered milk and vanilla. All ingredients are quite available, except for cocoa butter, however it can be got in a drugstore. The main way of production of home-made chocolate of white color is rather simple. For this purpose it is necessary:

  • To kindle on the water bath to liquid state 100 g of cocoa butter, having broken previously it on small pieces;
  • To add 100 g of powdered milk to the kindled oil and the icing sugar mixed with vanilla very carefully to stir everything before receiving homogeneous mass;
  • To pour the received liquid chocolate in molds from silicone, to cool to room temperature and to put for one hour in the refrigerator.

Белый шоколад - состав и пищевая ценностьAfter that the self-made delicacy is ready to the use. The dessert can be diversified, adding to it to taste various ingredients: nuts, raisin, pieces of fruit. It is necessary to do it before hardening of sweet weight.

It is easy to make white chocolate which recipe is simple at desire in house conditions. At the same time it is possible to receive a product with various flavoring additives, and also with the limited content of sugar, changing proportions of the main ingredients. Home-made chocolate of white color has pleasant taste and does not contain substances, harmful to an organism.

At any age positive emotions are required for the person. The mood will help to remove irritability, to improve a piece of white chocolate. It is possible to prepare a delicacy even in house conditions, its recipe is very simple. However abuse of sweets leads to unpleasant effects therefore it is important not to be overzealous in process of obtaining pleasant emotions.

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