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About hepathology


Hepathology – the section of gastroenterology devoted to a liver.

Need for specialization arose because a liver the major, absolutely unique body, and treats it not only to digestive, but also circulatory system, and also plays an important role in exchange processes. The liver is main "laboratory" of an organism. Here the bile acids, bilirubin, proteins of a blood plasma, lipids, hormones and enzymes participating in digestion are synthesized. There is a purification of blood of substances, poisonous for an organism: the toxins which got from the outside, allergens, medicines, toxic metabolic products, excess of hormones, etc. A liver this peculiar "depot" in which the emergency reserve of glucose in the form of a glycogen, and also a reserve of vitamins and microelements is stored.

Thus, the hepathology is not absolutely gastroenterological science, it includes both hematology, and endocrinology, and toxicology, and some more types of medical disciplines. Diseases of a liver have the hardest effects for an organism. The liver is so important for life that it has great compensatory opportunities what, perhaps, are not present any more at one body. As the bird a phoenix, she is capable to be recovered only from 20% of the kept healthy hepatic fabric. This feature is used at intravital transplantation of a liver when at the healthy donor take one of hepatic lobes, and replace to the recipient at whom the liver practically lost the functions. Within a year the liver is recovered to the normal size both at the donor, and at the recipient.

Exchange diseases of a liver and biliary tract (for example, calculous cholecystitis), infectious diseases of a liver (a viral hepatitis, parasitic diseases), oncological diseases enter the field of consideration of hepathology. Irrespective of the reason which caused a disease active, intensive treatment which sometimes continues quite long time, and constant observation at the hepatologist is necessary. Now the strong growth of a disease of hepatitis C – the viral infection destroying a liver is noted. To prevent spread of this disease called by "the tender murderer" and also other types of infectious hepatitises, active use of preventive measures can that is also one of problems of hepathology.

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According to opinion of many scientists, vitamin complexes are almost useless for the person.