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Мелоксикам таблетки

Meloksikam – antiinflammatory drug.

Pharmacological action

Meloksikam – the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug from group of oksikam having anesthetic and febrifugal effect.

Meloksikam in a digestive tract completely is soaked up, at the same time meal does not influence absorbability. After single internal use Meloksikam reaches the maximum concentration through 5-6ch.

Release form

Release Meloksikam tablets, solution for intramuscular pricks Meloksikam.

Indications to Meloksikam's use

Meloksikam according to the instruction appoint at an exacerbation of arthrosis, a pseudorheumatism, polyarthritis chronic, for treatment of a spondylitis ankylosing (Bekhterev's diseases).


In the instruction Meloksikam it is specified that he is contraindicated: at the heart failure expressed, hepatic, renal, at bleedings from a GIT, cerebrovascular and other, at ulcers in the alimentary system.

Children cannot use drug to 15 l., to patients with hypersensitivity to Meloksikam, other not steroids, in particular to aspirin. Is not strongly recommended to accept means of subjects who in the past had allergic reactions to any nonsteroid drug in the form of polyps in a nose, a Quincke's disease, attacks of asthma bronchial, small tortoiseshells.

Meloksikam is contraindicated during pregnancy.

Meloksikam with reception of lithium since toxicity of the last can increase is not recommended to combine tablets or pricks. It is undesirable to combine drug with thrombolytic, antitrombotichesky means (it is necessary to control indicators of coagulative blood potential), with not steroids of other groups (the risk of development of ulcers and erosion of a digestive tract increases)

Also there are responses about Meloksikam, that he reduces efficiency of intrauterine contraception.

Application instruction of Meloksikam

Pill Meloksikam is taken one р / by days during food, it is necessary to wash down them 250 ml of liquid.

Pricks Meloksikam carry out exclusively intramusculary. Intravenous administration of drug is contraindicated. Injections Meloksikam are given in the first days of treatment then begin to take a pill.

For treatment of exacerbations of arthrosis accept 7,5mg one р / day. When the therapeutic effect was not reached, the dosage is raised to 15 mg.

For treatment of a pseudorheumatism, Bekhterev's disease accept 15 mg Meloksikam one р / days. When the result is swept up, the daily dose can be reduced to 7,5mg.

Meloksikam in the dosage exceeding 15 mg is not recommended to take a pill.

According to the instruction Meloksikam to patients who are on dialysis appoint having a renal failure to accept no more 7,5mg/days. Patients with slight and average renal pathologies Мелоксикам - препарат для лечения обострения артроза, артрита ревматоидного, полиартритаshould not adjust a dosage.

To the elderly patients suffering from a pseudorheumatism, Bekhterev's disease for passing of long therapy appoint to accept 7,5mg and if there is a risk of development of side effects, it is impossible to increase a dosage.

Judging by collected responses about Meloksikam patients with pathology of hepatic function in average, easy degree cannot reduce a dosage.

Side effects

Use Meloksikam can cause visual acuity change, a headache, a sonitus, a loss of consciousness, dizziness, anemia, a leukopenia, an agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia, a stomach ache, epigastriums, nausea, a meteorism, vomiting, a lock, a gastric ulcer, bleeding from a GIT, an esophagitis, perforation of a wall of a digestive tract, colitis, gastritis, diarrhea. The most often side effects from a GIT arise at elderly patients - it is development of a round ulcer, bleeding gastrointestinal, perforation in a GIT.

There are responses about Meloksikam, causing increase in pressure, vasodilatation under skin with feeling of heat, tachycardia, a renal failure, attacks of asthma bronchial (at patients with an allergy to not steroids in the anamnesis), rash and an itch on skin, a necrolysis toxic epidermal, swelled mucous or integuments angioneurotic, a photosensitization, an erythema multiformny, hepatitis, an abnormal liver function.

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