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Меновазин растворMenovasinum – solution for local anesthesia.

Pharmacological action

Menovasinum – the combined means which thanks to being a part to menthol, to a benozokain and Procainum has the anesthetizing local effect.

Procainum (novocaine) – the substance with moderate anesthetic effect blocking natrium channels, preventing emergence of impulses in sensitive nerve terminations.

Benzocaine – means which is used for a surface anesthesia and also as Procainum interferes with emergence of painful impulses in nerve fibrils and sensitive nerve terminations.

Menthol irritates nerve terminations when drawing on skin, expands superficial vessels, strengthens the anesthetizing effect of benzocaine and Procainum, creates feeling of a cool, removes a skin itch.

Menovasinum at external use does not get to a system blood stream.

Release form

Menovasinum and ointment Menovasinum produce solution. Means contain on one gram of benzocaine and Procainum, 2,5 g of menthol.

Menovasinum contains in solution alcohol of 70%.

Indications to use of Menovasinum

According to the instruction Menovasinum is applied as local anesthetic at a mialgiya (muscular pains), neuralgia (the pains connected with damages of nerves), an arthralgia (joint pains). Use Menovasinum effectively also at a pruritic skin dermatosis – as antipruritic means.

Contraindications to use of Menovasinum

It is undesirable to apply ointment or solution on the injured skin (injured affected with a burn, dermatitis, eczema, etc.) and skin where on the site, subject to processing, there is an inflammation.

Menovasinum is contraindicated at pregnancy. For elimination of joint pains, back pains, instead of Menovasinum at pregnancy it is better to use paracetamol.

With care appoint means to the feeding women, children up to 18 years. On the speed of psychomotor reactions, concentration means of influence does not pay attention.

Application instruction of Menovasinum

Меновазин мазьSolution and ointment apply Menovasinum only outwardly. Means should be applied on the sites of skin which are over the struck area and to pound. For bigger efficiency ointment or solution put two, three р / days also continue to carry out procedures before explicit improvement of a state.

Use of Menovasinum longer is not recommended than 3-4 weeks. After a while, if there is a need, the therapeutic course can be repeated.

According to reviews, Menovasinum in traditional medicine is applied at a hypertension. Grease with solution of drug skin from a nape to an ear twice a day.

Side effects of Menovasinum

According to responses and the description, Menovasinum can cause contact dermatitis, reactions of allergic character. Prolonged use of means can provoke pressure decline arterial, an adynamy, dizziness.

According to the instruction it is recommended to cancel administration of drug if there were problems with arterial pressure.

Data on the overdose which caused undesirable side reactions are not recorded.

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