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Mercazolil (the international non-proprietary name — Thiamazolum) — the tableted medicine relating to antagonists of hormones of a thyroid gland. Anti-thyroid properties of drug are demanded in medicine for treatment of the diseases connected with hyperfunction of "thyroid gland".Мерказолил

Release form

Mercazolil is produced in the form of tablets on 40, 50 and 100 pieces in consumer packaging. The maintenance of Thiamazolum in one tablet makes 5 mg.

Under a trade name "Mercazolil" drug is produced by three plants: domestic HFK "Quinacrine" and JSC Marbiofarm and the Ukrainian pharmaceutical company "Zdorovye". By the way, packing of drug at the rate of 40 tablets in packaging is present at an assortment line only at the Ukrainian producer.

Mercazolil analogs

Mercazolil does not belong to drugs of daily demand. Relative scarcity of the range of the analogs of Mercazolil presented at the Russian pharmaceutical market is explained by it. In very specific niche there is this drug: it not febrifugal or antiallergic means which are in the home first-aid kit practically at each family. If is more specific, then in the Russian drugstores it is possible to meet only two analogs of Mercazolil:

  • Tirozol (Germany). By the way, this producer mastered release of Thiamazolum in a dose of 10 mg;
  • Tiamazol-Filofarm (Germany).

Pharmacological action

Mercazolil inhibits synthesis of the hormones cosecreted by a thyroid gland: the triiodothyronine (designated in medical literature as T3) and thyroxine (T4). The similar braking effect of drug is connected with suppression of activity of peroxidase — enzyme on which saturation of a tironin iodine depends (that is, otherwise, synthesis of thyroxine and triiodothyronine). As a result of the aforesaid process, in a human body metabolic rate decreases, iodine loss is activated by a thyroid gland. On this background secretion of thyritropic hormone of a hypophysis increases that, according to reviews about Mercazolil and analogs, leads to some enlargement of the thyroid gland.

Drug is well soaked up in a GIT and afterwards accumulates in tissues of a thyroid gland. Effect of the medicine remains within 24 hours. In two days drug is completely removed with urine. It should be noted that its traces are found in breast milk (about use of Mercazolil in the period of a lactation see below).

Indications to Mercazolil use

According to the instruction to Mercazolil and comments on him, this medicine can be applied with success at the following diseases and morbid conditions:

  • thyrotoxicosis (alternative names — a toxic diffusion craw, Bazedova a disease). The disease is connected with hyperfunction of a thyroid gland owing to what toxicosis because of excess of thyroid hormones develops. This state is followed by hypertrophic changes of gland;
  • within the preparatory activities preceding surgical intervention at a thyrotoxicosis;
  • by preparation for a radioyodoterapiya, and then — in stage of latency (4-6 months), so far iodine did not begin to work;
  • at prevention of a thyrotoxicosis at treatment by iodine, including X-ray contrast agents of iodine;
  • toxic adenoma of a thyroid gland (the alternative name — Plummer's disease). The pathogeny of a disease is similar to a thyrotoxicosis, however, an etiology a bit different here. Excess products of thyroid hormones in this case are a consequence of a benign enlargement of the thyroid gland (and not vice versa);
  • thyrocardiac crisis (zhizneugrozhayushchy complication of a thyrotoxicosis).

Application instruction

According to the instruction, Mercazolil is accepted after meal. It is not recommended to chew a tablet, it is better to wash down with amount of liquid, sufficient for a proglatyvaniye. The daily dose is usually divided into 3 receptions. The dose, frequency rate of dosing and duration of treatment depend on the diagnosis and the purposes of anti-thyroid therapy. At poorly expressed thyrotoxicosis Mercazolil appoint in quantity 3-ekh tablets in day, at an average thyrotoxicosis — 4-6 tablets, at heavy — 8. As a marker of reduction of a dose of drug serves return of a thyroid gland to the usual size and productivity then the patient is transferred to the maintenance therapy providing reception of 0,5 - 2 tablets in day on one or two receptions.


The reviews of Mercazolil generalized by pharmacologists at a stage of clinical tests gave the grounds for inclusion in the instruction to Mercazolil of the following contraindications:

  • individual intolerance of drug;
  • the breastfeeding period (drug gets into breast milk);
  • reduced quantity of leukocytes, granulocytes, neutrophils.

At the same time, there are indications according to which Mercazolil can be accepted, but with a big share of care:

  • in the presence of very large craw before its surgical treatment;
  • liver pathologies;
  • together with cardiac glycosides (digoxin, strophanthin), anticoagulants and Aminophyllinum;
  • at pregnancy.

Side effect

Side effects of Mercazolil substantially dozozavisima therefore they are observed in the first 1-2 months of treatment (the period of active saturation by drug when its doses are big). It is most often noted:

  • decrease in quantity of leukocytes — a leukopenia;
  • allergic manifestations (rash, itch);
  • temporary small rise in temperature (at most — to 38 °C);
  • morbidity of joints;
  • hair loss;
  • allopecia;
  • weakness, headaches, nausea.

There is a probability and more serious consequences of treatment by drug (there are also such reviews of Mercazolil), but similar occurs extremely seldom. It is possible to give aplastic anemia, nephrotic and volchanochnopodobny syndromes, cholestatic hepatitis as an example.

Mercazolil cannot cause organism intoxication at overdose. Symptoms of its chronic abuse which consist in a resistant hypothyroidism and a hypertrophy of a thyroid gland are more often shown. This state is stopped by drug withdrawal and, sometimes — purpose of left thyroxine for creation of hormonal balance.

Special instructions

The instruction to Mercazolil offers the patient the list of symptoms at which emergence it is necessary to refuse immediately administration of drug and to inform the doctor. It is information, important for the consumer, which will be pertinent to share also within this article. So, these signs:Таблетки Мерказолил

  • the feverish state which is followed by pharyngalgias, a fever and local pustules;
  • bleedings or hypodermic hematomas of an unknown etiology;
  • total skin rash and itch;
  • constant nausea and vomiting;
  • icteric coloring of skin and scleras;
  • severe pains in a stomach;
  • condition of breakdown.

Reception of Mercazolil provides regular testing of blood (before treatment, during treatment and during a maintenance therapy).

Implementation of Mercazolil and analogs from drugstores is possible only according to the recipe of the doctor.

Term and storage conditions

Mercazolil can be stored at room (15-25 °C) temperature. The period of validity of drug makes 5 years.

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