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Tablets from smoking

Tablets from smoking are the medicines of a plant and artificial origin intended for treatment of nicotine addiction.

Таблетки от курения: принцип действия, показания, вред

Features of action of tablets from smoking

Tablets from smoking are not a panacea and are not designed to perform instant treatment from nicotine addiction. These drugs are supportive application in the course of treatment of psychological and physiological dependence on nicotine.

Positive reviews of a tablet from smoking were received as the medicines based on effective replacement therapy. Such drugs as Tabeks, Tsitizin, Gamibazin, Lobelin and others, contain alkanoida which fill the need of an organism for nicotine.

After reception of tablets from smoking the biochemical processes similar to the nicotine use begin to become more active, but side effects connected with its impact on an organism completely are absent.

Also good responses of a tablet from smoking have as replaceable drugs which interfere with smoking, causing dizziness, spasms, increase of breath and the increased heartbeat at the nicotine use.

As a result of influence of these tablets in subconsciousness and at the level of reflexes the understanding of danger of consumption of nicotine and emergence of side effects forms.

Types of tablets from smoking

There are several types of tablets from smoking which differ by the principle of action, efficiency and cost. The price of tablets from smoking depends on a dosage, quantity in packaging and extent of impact on an organism.

Generally the price of tablets from smoking shows degree of their efficiency for the termination of thirst for nicotine. Usually cheap analogs are only temporary substitute of cigarettes.

These medicines can be divided into two groups: nicotinocontaining and alkanoidny without nicotine. Smokers with an experience have to accept more than 3-5 years drugs of the first group, and prescribe the beginning smokers the second group of tablets from smoking.

Drugs which contain a small amount of nicotine are intended for decrease in thirst for cigarettes and reduction of their consumption. These tablets can cause accustoming and a number of side effects.

Other group of tablets from smoking contains alkaloid cytisine which is similar on influence to nicotine and when smoking usual cigarettes causes overdose. Cytisine affects an organism excitingly, increases arterial pressure, stimulates adrenaline emission, speeds up pulse and breath. Alkaloidal tablets allow to cure thirst for nicotine completely.

Now new drugs which do not contain nicotine and its substitutes were produced. These tablets of new generation contain бупропион and are almost harmless, but they cannot save the patient from nicotine addiction completely.

The instruction of tablets from smoking

Tablets from smoking have to be appointed by the attending physician according to diagnostic testimonies of the patient. It is necessary to take a pill for smoking strictly according to the instruction and in the appointed dosage.

Efficiency of administration of drugs directly depends at most wills of the patient and his desire to overcome nicotine addiction. Otherwise tablets will not result in desirable result.

According to the instruction, it is necessary to take a pill for smoking daily (irrespective of meal) on 1 mg 2 times a day. In the presence of chronic diseases or emergence of side effects a dosage it is necessary to reduce or cancel administration of drug.

The course of treatment usually makes 12 - 15 weeks, but can be carried out repeatedly after a small interval.


Contraindications to purpose of tablets from smoking are the individual intolerance and existence of allergic reactions to drug components, oncological diseases, mental disorders, a hypertension, a peptic ulcer, a serious illness of cardiovascular system, a renal and liver failure, atherosclerosis, serious diseases of respiratory system, pancreatitis, pregnancy and the period of a lactation.

With care drugs are appointed at advanced age, and also at tendencies to bleedings and during the postoperative period.

Whether you know that:

Many drugs initially moved ahead in the market as drugs. Heroin, for example, was initially brought to the market as children's cough medicine. And cocaine was recommended by doctors as anesthesia and as the means increasing endurance.