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Валуй – the mushroom growing practically in all regions of our country. Валуй - очень распространенный гриб в регионах нашей страныIn spite of the fact that it belongs to less valuable mushrooms (in comparison with saffron milk caps, cepes), the plant has pleasant taste and always pleases mushroom pickers when gets to them to a basket. The outward валуй bears to cepe a strong resemblance. However it is among themselves quite easy to distinguish them – just it is worth taking a mushroom in hand, and then everything becomes clear.

Most often the mushroom валуй can be met in the mixed and deciduous woods. Absolutely useless occupation - to look for it among needles. It is quite easy to gather such mushroom as it grows not one on a big glade, and at once on several pieces. The mushroom has plastic structure, a white-yellow leg which pulp differs in sharp and not really pleasant smell, and also possesses bitter juice. валуй it is very simple to distinguish a young mushroom from old. The first is allocated with a semicircular, beautiful hat while the last has it almost flat. At old mushrooms in a leg the big cavity is formed. Валуй it is possible to find on a green background of leaves because of its yellowy-brown hat which sometimes has also a bright yellow coloring.

It is necessary to look for a mushroom валуй in July, and also in August. Least of all it in September when the mushroom begins to feel an autumn cool. Specially mushroom pickers do not hunt for these mushrooms, and most often put them to themselves in a basket if nothing else can be found.

This mushroom quite tasty. The only thing governed – is it is possible only hats. It is the best of all to give them in a marinated or salty look.

Gathering mushrooms, it is necessary to be attentive not to take itself an old mushroom as it, unlike young people, often happens almost completely worm-eaten and unsuitable for the use. Preparation валуя consists in its obligatory preliminary soaking and boiling. After the done actions this mushroom can be eaten, he develops quite good aroma and a pleasant taste. It is strictly forbidden to dry such mushrooms that also distinguishes валуй from cepe which after drying gains delightful aroma, decorating with it any hot or cold dish.

In the territory of Russia the mushroom валуй is presented most of all in Western Siberia, the European part, and also in the territory of the Far East. The wet place in the wood – the favourite place of this mushroom. Besides here you will always find not one, and at once a little валуев.

Valu are marinated

For preparation валуя it is necessary to cut off hats of mushrooms and to kill them in flowing water for three days. After that they should be cooked in slightly added some salt water within 20 minutes. To merge water. To shift mushrooms in a saucepan and to fill in with a brine. To cook again (it is no more than 20-25 min.). The ready dish is cooled and shifted in banks.

For 1 kg of mushrooms it will be required:Самый распространенный способ приготовления валуев - соление

  • Water – 2 l.
  • 80-% acetic essence – 30 g.
  • 400 g of the salt which is (not iodated) – 400 g.
  • Laurel leaves – 10 pieces.
  • Allspice – 20 peas.

Valu are salty

Preparation валуев begins with the fact that it is necessary to take young mushrooms, to cut off at them hats and to wet in flowing water not less than for 3 days.

After the allowed time mushrooms cook 10 min. Water is merged, and mushrooms shift in a small pan in the form of layers, without having forgotten to salt them at the same time a little. In addition it is necessary to use horse-radish, leaves of cherry and fennel. Stack a gauze which is pressed down surely a wooden circle on the most upper number of mushrooms. Valu salty will be ready only in 40 days since the beginning of preparation. After that hats spread in pure banks and store in the refrigerator.

It is necessary for 7 kg of fresh young mushrooms:

  • Fennel umbrellas – 5 pieces.
  • The salt which is (not iodated) – 300 g.
  • Large leaves of cherry – 20 pieces.
  • Not really small leaves of horse-radish – 3 pieces.

Cutlets with salty valuyam

To boil a small piece of beef to full readiness. To add to it the whole, peeled potatoes. When potatoes are completely ready, it is passed via the meat grinder together with meat. Mix small cut salty valu with the received weight. All very well mix and add vegetable oil. Forcemeat is ready. It is possible to mold cutlets which for achievement of a ruddy crust are breaded in crackers and fry on vegetable oil. Serve ready cutlets hot. Decorate with sour cream and leaves of greens.

For cutlets it will be required:

  • Beef – 200 g.
  • Hats salty валуев – 6 pieces.
  • Sunflower oil – 100 g.
  • Large potatoes – 4-5 pieces.
  • The crushed breadcrumbs.

Fish in sauce from валуев

To take river fish, to separate her from bones, having sorted on fillet. To put accurately in a form. From above to lay out pieces salty валуев and the browned onions. For giving to a dish of more pleasant taste it is necessary to add a little mushroom brine to a form. After that the form is put in the warmed oven and covered. Preparation time – 20-25 min. After the allowed time the dish is watered with lemon juice, strewed with fennel and greens of parsley. At will it is possible to season fish with pepper.

It is necessary for preparation of a dish:

  • Fillet of river fish – 1 piece.
  • Hats salty валуев – 300 g.
  • Lemon juice – 0,5 big and 1 whole.
  • Salt and pepper to taste.

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