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Camel milk

Camel milk is traditionally drunk in the countries of Central Asia and the UAE. Верблюжье молоко - традиционный напиток Средней АзииThere it is a daily product for preparation of different dishes, and also independent drink. Most often from such milk make various cheeses, tasty ice cream, traditional dairy drinks. Such drinks as shubat and koumiss, among the Kazakh nomads are especially popular. They train them, adding sour-milk ferment to fresh camel milk. Mix is in a leather feed bag in the warm place from 1 to 3 days then curative and tasty drink is ready.

Milk of female camels contains in the structure antibacterial substances which help to keep freshness of milk including in hot weather conditions. Bactericidal properties of milk interfere with reproduction in it causative organisms.

By sight and taste camel milk practically does not differ from cow, it white color, with sweetish and slightly saltish smack which intensity is defined by a forage of an animal and quality of water. Milk contains quite large amount of sodium in the structure therefore very well satisfies thirst in hot living conditions.

Switzerland applies camel milk in production of rare delicious grades of chocolate and candies. Such chocolate has interesting and unusual saltish taste.

Advantage of camel milk

Camel milk – an important source of animal protein and fats for inhabitants of desert regions. It contains a number of important microelements – calcium, zinc, cobalt, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and also vitamins A, With and groups B. Calcium and phosphorus strengthen bones and teeth, iron prevents developing of anemia, zinc and cobalt are a part of the vital cellular enzymes of an organism. Milk from camels strengthens immunity and health in general.

In camel milk in comparison with cow there is more sodium, in 10 times more of iron and vitamin C. Also camel milk has smaller fat content in comparison with cow, and fats contain it a considerable share of unsaturated fatty acids. The smaller amount of milk sugar – lactase – allows to include this product in a diet of people with a lactose intolerance which quite often occurs at adult population.

Treatment by camel milk

Верблюжье молоко - лекарство от заболеваний ЖКТUse of camel milk from cancer and leukemia has evidence-based base. So, at institute of cancer in Baghdad experiments on studying of composition of this milk were made and active agent which clears an organism of the connections provoking developing of cancer is emitted. The matter is that at camels the immune system is very developed, she struggles not only with external infectious agents and alien substances, but also with aggression of an organism against herself. Use of camel milk from cancer already proved the efficiency in clinical practice.

Long since fermented milk products on the basis of camel milk applied to treatment of tuberculosis and other diseases exhausting an organism, digestive tract cankers. Treatment by camel milk is effective at damages of a pancreas, liver, intestines.

In case of chronic gastritis camel milk promotes the termination of inflammatory process in a mucous membrane and normalizes acidity of a gastric juice. Especially valuable pair milk of female camels in this plan which is taken in the morning on an empty stomach for half an hour to food in number of 200 ml, and also 1 - 2 more time during the day. In order that treatment by camel milk was more effective, it is necessary to keep to a sparing diet for the period of a course of its reception.

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