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Wine vinegar

Description of wine vinegar

Wine vinegar (differently – grape) belongs to the products known and applied long since both to treatment, and in cookery and for the cosmetic purposes. On some historical sources wine vinegar onВинный уксус получают из винограда antiquity competes to wine as the earliest references of it are dated 5000th year BC.

It is active began to use it at the time of antiquity, adding to sauces and marinades. Then property of wine vinegar to improve structure of hair and to do skin smooth and velvety was also noted. As medicine it was applied to treatment of digestive disturbances, and also at gout and avitaminosis.

There are several technologies of preparation of wine vinegar. Sometimes the damaged berries and a grape residue which ferment by means of yeast act as raw materials and several months allow to infuse.

Wine and apple cider vinegar treat the most popular and widespread among fruit types of vinegar. The medical advantage of their use in a daily diet is confirmed with various researches and now fruit vinegar is popular both in Europe, and in the countries of Asia. Carry to their most important advantages that they are saturated with antioxidants which promote the prevention of a senilism.

In the countries of the Mediterranean and Central Europe wine vinegar is used more often than others. He is trained both from white, and from red grapes.

The traditional Ayurveda along with coffee, tea, onions and garlic carries wine vinegar to radzhasichesky products which increase activity of the person in all spheres of his activity.

Structure and useful properties of wine vinegar

Wine vinegar inherited many useful properties from grapes which are a well of various vitamins and valuable elements. Grapes are famous for ability to improve functioning of lungs, to slow down aging processes, to clear arteries, to prevent coronary heart disease and development of some types of cancer.

Milk, wine, acetic, pantothenic and ascorbic acids, vitamins C and And, niacinamide, and also such minerals as potassium, fluorine, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium are a part of wine vinegar.

Grape vinegar is useful to digestion (especially at the lowered or zero acidity of a gastric juice) and well influences work of a gall bladder, rectum and kidneys.

Wine vinegar contains natural phytoalexin – ресвератол which is powerful antioxidant, and has antiinflammatory, cardiotyre-tread and antineoplastic effect on an organism.

The potassium which is a part of grape vinegar well influences a nervous system, destroys pathogenic bacteriums, and also promotes strengthening of hair and nails.

One more microelement entering in enough wine vinegar – magnesium, stimulates work of adrenal glands and heart.

Advantage of wine vinegar

The advantage of wine vinegar is noted for decrease in level of cholesterol, fats and arterial pressure that minimizes a possibility of heart diseases. It is possible thanks to the acetic acid which is a part of wine vinegar. Also thanks to acetic acid ability of an organism to acquire minerals, especially calcium increases.

Besides, the advantage of wine vinegar at chronic fatigue is noted.

Many researches conductedВинный уксус в бутылках in Europe showed that wine vinegar considerably reduces a glycemic index. At the same time it promoted decrease in an index even after food with the high content of carbohydrates, for example, of white loaf. This property of grape vinegar allows to use it as an effective way to prevent diabetes of the second type and some forms of cardiovascular diseases.

Use of wine vinegar

Wine vinegar found the broadest application in cookery, at the same time dishes with addition of vinegar have many useful properties.

Natural wine vinegar is well combined with meat and it is used as a part of marinades. So, in marinades it is recommended to replace sauces fat and rich with cholesterol with the wine vinegar which is almost not containing calories and carbohydrates. Also they can replace cream and mayonnaise in salads that will help to show taste of all components and to improve digestion.

Wine vinegar is badly combined with fermented milk products, and also with baked or fried potatoes.

At preparation of dishes according to recipes of east kitchen rice vinegar if necessary can be replaced grape.

Grape vinegar can be applied locally as it has the knitting properties. It is used at cuts, bruises, and also at irritation of skin. It is recommended to apply vinegar from white grades of grapes as it has the bleaching properties to the person. Also use of wine vinegar is effective at sunblisters.

Thanks to the antibacterial properties wine vinegar can be applied to cleaning and disinfection of ware and objects of use.


It is contraindicated to apply wine vinegar in the presence of an allergy to grapes, and also at a hyperoxemia of a gastric juice, stomach ulcer and gastritis.

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