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15 mistakes in the bride's make-up

Никаких экспериментов
Any experiments
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The wedding day – very responsible day! Ideally everything has to be defined in advance. No experiments in a make-up this day should be! Modern brides prefer to do a rehearsal of a wedding image to make sure in advance that surprises in a make-up on this gala day will not be.
Не забудьте об открытых участках тела
Do not forget about open body parts
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The low-necked wedding dress leaves open hands, shoulders, sometimes a back. It is important to pay to these parts of a body attention and to take care of that they did not differ on color from tone on a face. Forgetful brides with regret examine then wedding photos where the zone of a decollete looks gray and dim.
Зачем мне водостойкая косметика?
Why to me waterproof cosmetics?
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Some brides make a mistake, refusing waterproof cosmetics. Of course, a wedding not a campaign into the pool will also not pour on you water there too. But indoors can be hot and the make-up "will just float", besides, at a wedding the bride is kissed, embraced and can be even moved to tears. At this moment it is possible to regret that on your face not a waterproof make-up.
Макияж в одном стиле с подругами
Make-up in one style with girlfriends
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You have a stylized wedding? All girlfriends will be in identical dresses? Well and it is remarkable! You will be in wedding! You should not assimilate to girlfriends and in the choice of an identical make-up. Let they will show to you respect and will make a modest and not striking make-up that in attempts to outdo them you did not turn into the painted nested doll. At a wedding there can be only one star – the bride!
Вместо маркера - помада
Instead of a marker - lipstick
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Of course, for the lack of a marker it is possible to use also waterproof lipstick. But nevertheless the marker will longer allow you not to worry about outward of your lips. At a wedding often shout "Bitterly!" and this real testing even for the most reliable waterproof lipstick. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to correct a make-up during the day, but the less often you should do it, the better.
Небрежность в образе
Negligence in image
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Perhaps for you negligence in image – a fashionable trend, but not all guests are informed on it. They can apprehend it as lack of taste or even as disrespect for them. The face of the bride is the whole day in the center of attention and to you will uncomfortablly try to catch on itself disapproving looks. Decide on style and image at once after purchase of a wedding dress. Everything has to be in harmony with each other and with you.
Хайлайтер по всему лицу
Highlighter on all person
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Who does not dream of the beautiful shining skin? But everything has to be moderately and use of a highlighter including. When drawing light parts on the person avoid a zone of a forehead and skin over an upper lip. Gloss on a face in these zones looks as sweat. It is pertinent to use a highlighter on cheekbones, a nose bridge and at internal corners of eyes.
Использование накладных ресниц первый раз
Use of false eyelashes first time
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If you till the wedding day never used false eyelashes and decided to surprise all, then remember about experiments. They are absolutely inappropriate in such important and responsible day. Your person will look unusually for relatives, guests and for the groom. If you very much need false eyelashes, then undergo this procedure in advance and give the chance to get used to your delightful look.
"Ruddy" blush
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To be pale and white as the cloth at own wedding does not wish any bride, but also to go to far in blush and to redden as a rose there is nothing too. Nervousness can affect differently, and you can either turn pale, or redden. What will be if you with all the heart try with an artificial flush moreover will be filled in with the natural? Use gentle pink or coral tone, having slightly concerned it the surface of cheekbones.
Яркость во всем
Brightness in everything
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Any makeup artist will tell you that it is impossible to place emphasis and in the eyes and on lips at the same time. You have to be defined that you want to emphasize and allocate. Or to give to eyes a fascinating look, or to lips – the attracting freshness and gloss. By the way, this rule works not only for a wedding make-up.
Праймер не обязателен
The primer is not obligatory
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If in a daily make-up you did not use a primer, then for wedding make an exception. The base caused under a make-up will longer allow the last to keep, will level the surface of skin, will hide small shortcomings and will remove roughnesses. It is possible to apply a primer only on area of the T-zone and a chin. For this day it is worth choosing means with the delustring effect.
Корректировка бровей в день свадьбы
Correction of eyebrows in the wedding day
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It is necessary to take care of a shape of eyebrows beforehand. Of course, if to make it too early, then undesirable hairs will begin to grow just by the time of the celebration. But also it is impossible to postpone for the last day too. In this case there are traces, and it is absolutely undesirable to impose excess layers of a make-up that to hide them. Optimum will be to carry out such procedure of day for two prior to a wedding.
Моментальный загар
Instant suntan
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Some brides consider that against the background of a white dress swarty skin looks smartly. If you the same opinion, then make to yourself "suntan" in advance. Pick up in tone to a new shade of skin a make-up and think over all wedding image to trifles. The mistake is made by those who use instant suntan a day before the wedding. It soils clothes, has a smell and is not combined with the make-up chosen in advance.
Основа плотным слоем
Basis dense bed
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In a case with foundation the principle "the more the better" does not work. The thick layer of tone means makes an impression that the make-up is put on a face. To the bride to hide to anything the natural beauty and here it is necessary to take care of purity of skin that it was not necessary "to cover" imperfections beforehand. The gentle skin having a natural shade and an easy flush cannot be created artificially.
И без пудры хорошо!
And without powder well!
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Some brides are afraid to use powder as they consider that it makes heavier a make-up. Really, if it is wrong to apply powder, on a face there can be something like a mask. But the powder applied with skill is capable to remove a greasy luster, the main thing to distribute it on the surface of skin a thin layer. The correct brush for powder is for this purpose necessary.


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