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6 reasons of loss of weight

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Small fluctuations of weight within 1-2 kg – it is natural. But if you suddenly from that this lost 5% and more from your initial weight, at the same time did not keep to a diet and did not change a way of life, do not hurry to rejoice. On the contrary, it would be advisable to prick up the ears and undergo inspection.
Когда мы худеем
When we grow thin
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The person grows thin when he to bodies of our body – to muscles, heart, a brain – ceases to get nutritious components for full work, therefore, they send to fatty tissue signals that it is time to involve additional resources for deficit completion. Lipoblasts, reacting to this signal, begin process of a lipolysis – a lipolysis. It allows to receive to an organism necessary energy.
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Depression – the most common cause of sharp weight loss. When the person has a depression, he breaks flavoring perception, any food becomes tasteless, appetite decreases. Besides, the depression quite often is followed by an exacerbation of diseases of digestive tract therefore after meal of people feels discomfort.
Что делать
What to do
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If together with sharp loss of weight you noticed at yourself the suppressed mood, block, slackness, apathy – address the psychotherapist. The qualified specialist will help you to make the correct diagnosis and will appoint adequate treatment.
Гормональный дисбаланс
Hormonal imbalance
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Hormones of a hypophysis, adrenal glands, thyroid gland are responsible for intensity of metabolism in an organism. Therefore any hormonal failures will not be slow to affect weight. Body weight decreases most often at patients with a diabetes mellitus of 1 type and a hyperthyroidism in spite of the fact that at these diseases appetite increases. These diseases are also followed by weakness, increase of pulse and sharp differences of mood.
Что делать
What to do
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Surely you descend on reception to the endocrinologist and make tests on hormones of a thyroid gland (T3, T4, TTG). Does not place also to make blood test on glucose and the general.
Заболевания ЖКТ
Gastrointestinal diseases
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Some diseases of digestive tract cause loss of weight. Treat those: coloenteritis, Gee's disease and atrophic gastritis. These diseases cause a mucosal atrophy of intestines and stomach therefore nutritive absorption is broken, and, therefore, there is a loss of weight due to use of fatty stocks. Symptoms of these diseases various: abdominal distention, lock or diarrhea, pain.
Что делать
What to do
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Surely address the gastroenterologist. The doctor will appoint to you the analysis a calla and gastroscopy for statement of the exact diagnosis. Depending on the diagnosis adequate therapy will be picked up.
Болезни желчного пузыря и поджелудочной
Diseases of a gall bladder and pancreas
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Body weight decreases at chronic cholecystitis and pancreatitis. These diseases break process of digestion and an organism ceases to acquire some nutritious components. At the same time patients during meal feel discomfort, there is diarrhea and nausea, and at cholecystitis – also pains in right hypochondrium.
Что делать
What to do
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At these symptoms it is necessary to consult with the gastroenterologist. Perhaps, it will be required to make ultrasound examination of abdominal organs, to make the test a calla. To facilitate symptomatology, keep to a diet: exclude spicy and greasy food from a diet, eat on a few, but it is frequent.
Инфекции и паразиты
Infections and parasites
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Weight reduction can be caused by existence of viral diseases. Hepatitis C or HIV can develop asymptomatically and a symptom of a disease in this case is just sharp loss of weight. Tuberculosis can also be the cause of loss of weight, and also existence in intestines of the person of helminths or parasitic protozoa.
Что делать
What to do
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Self-diagnostics in these cases is useless. It is necessary to address the infectiologist and the therapist. Depending on symptoms to you the calla and other analyses will appoint fluorography, X-ray, the analysis.
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Oncological diseases are followed by considerable weight loss deterioration in the general condition of patients. Patients lose appetite, flavoring perception is broken. As a result of a disease the metabolism so can be broken that even at good nutrition the muscle bulk and volume of fatty tissue will decrease. Psychological factors in the presence of oncology also promote loss of weight, and still chemotherapy.
Что делать
What to do
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If you feel constant weakness and fatigue, you have a long temperature increase – visit the oncologist or the hematologist. You will need to make biochemical and general blood tests, to make the roentgenogram.


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