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Main techniques of updating of skin

Скраб для лица
Face scrub
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Srub – the irreplaceable assistant in finding of new skin. The word "srub" comes from English "scrub" – to clean, scrape. The softening basis and abrasive particles are a part of cosmetic. By the way, a srub – achievement of an ancient Roman civilization where for its production used the crushed deer horns.
Как приготовить скраб в домашних условиях
How to prepare a srub in house conditions
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Present cosmetic brands offer srubs with the maintenance of apricot stones, coffee grains, sea salt, seeds of plants, etc. It is very easy to prepare a srub also in house conditions – from the processed oat flakes (for sensitive skin), coffee grains with cosmetic oil.
Как пользоваться скрабом
How to use a srub
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Srub – fine purifying face treatments and bodies, but it is necessary to use it intelligently. It is recommended to use it not more often than one-two weekly. If you have a sensitive skin, then it is necessary to approach the choice of a srub carefully. And it is natural, for a face and a body absolutely different srubs are provided. So, for a body more coarse abrasive particles are used.
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The gommage represents more sparing, than a srub, means. In it there are no abrasive particles, and the principle of its action is based on formation of a crust after drying of means. Thus, the crust is removed together the peeled skin. At regular use the gommage will make skin elastic and elastic, will give it healthy color.
Механический пилинг
Mechanical peeling
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There are several types of a mechanical peeling. These are such saloon procedures as an ultrasonic peeling, броссаж, microdermabrasion. Let's dwell upon each of them.
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Броссаж is one of the most widespread types of a mechanical peeling, allowing to get rid of the keratosic parts and various pollution. The procedure consists in use of the rotating brushes from a natural bristle. The method almost painless and has almost no contraindications. Броссаж not only clears skin, but also smoothes wrinkles. Once a month is recommended to carry out the procedure.
Ультразвуковой пилинг
Ultrasonic peeling
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The popular procedure during which apply special gel on skin and make processing of a surface by means of the generator of ultrasonic waves. Contraindications to the procedure are cardiovascular and oncological diseases, a dermatosis and neuralgia. It is better to do an ultrasonic peeling in the evening, then by the morning skin will manage to be recovered.
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This procedure represents mechanical grinding of skin by means of the special equipment. Under pressure small crystals of aluminum oxide are thrown out on skin, effectively saving from hems, leveling it and removing small wrinkles. The procedure quite painful and traumatic, has many contraindications. Healing of skin after microdermabrasion lasts about a week.
Физический пилинг
Physical peeling
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The physical peeling is carried out by means of liquid nitrogen or artificial ice which temperature is in limits of 80-110 degrees below zero. In fact, this technique can be compared to roasting of skin liquid acids, only a burn cold. Here it is necessary to allocate two main techniques: cryotherapy and laser grinding.
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Cryotherapy is a treatment by artificial cold which reasonably exerts beneficial influence on a condition of an organism. Cryotherapy allows to strengthen significantly inflow of blood to face skin that improves its food, there is an improvement and rejuvenation of skin. The procedure is not painful, during it only cold and weak tingling is felt.
Лазерная шлифовка
Laser grinding
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One of the most popular techniques consisting in cauterization by the laser of an upper layer of skin. The procedure is quite painful, but effectively eliminates hems and scars. After the procedure unpleasant tingling is felt some more days, but superficial wrinkles are smoothed, and pores are narrowed. Laser grinding of the person is recommended to be carried out not more often than once a year.
Химический пилинг
Chemical peeling
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Chemistry – one more assistant in finding of beauty and updating of face skin. The chemical peeling is based on use of the means containing various acids. Depending on extent of influence and the had effect the chemical peeling is divided on superficial, median and deep.
Поверхностный пилинг
Superficial peeling
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The superficial peeling consists in use of various acids and enzymes. The procedure corrodes a skin periblast, saving it from minor defects. After a superficial peeling hypostases and reddenings pass within several hours, and the person becomes fresh and pure. The method allows to remove an acne and a post-acne, to smooth mimic wrinkles and to get rid of a nevus pigmentosus.
Срединный пилинг
Median peeling
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This procedure consists in use of trichloroacetic acid and effectively removes not only small wrinkles, but also scars and hems. The median peeling – the procedure rather traumatic, the recovery period after it lasts about two weeks. It is important that her qualified specialists carried out, otherwise harm it can appear more, than advantage.
Глубокий химический пилинг
Deep chemical peeling
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This procedure by means of phenol is carried out. The structure evenly affects skin, gets into the deepest layers, giving the expressed effect of lifting and eliminating wrinkles. The procedure is carried out in a hospital and only after careful inspection of the patient. The deep peeling is carried out in the presence of the anesthesiologist, and the recovery period lasts about a month.

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