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8 important rules at stenocardia

Правило 1 - снижение уровня холестерина
The rule 1 - decrease in level of cholesterol
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First of all sick stenocardia has to direct all forces to decrease in cholesterol in blood. For this purpose it is necessary to minimize consumption of fat grades of fish and meat, and also fat, butter, sour cream, cream, egg yolks and offal (kidneys, brains, a liver). You watch that in days the amount of the cholesterol coming to blood did not exceed 300 mg.
Правило 2 - больше фруктов и овощей
The rule 2 - is more than fruit and vegetables
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Fruit and vegetables are useful absolutely to all people without exception, but for having stenocardia – especially. It is possible to use them in the raw, for example, having made vegetables salad with addition of a small amount of vegetable oil. There is also a set of recipes of preparation of very tasty vegetable dishes. Give preference to those which are steamed or in an oven.
Правило 3 - ограничение на жирную и тяжелую пищу
The rule 3 - restriction for greasy and heavy food
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It is necessary as much as possible as far as it is possible, to limit consumption of the dishes prepared from fat products and also macaroni, flour, confectionery. And if the patient with stenocardia has also obesity, then these products should be excluded in general. It is necessary to lower load of heart.
Правило 4 - меньше соли
The rule 4 - is less than salt
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Salt needs to be limited also as it causes hypostasis of fabrics including fabrics of walls of vessels that leads to narrowing of their gleam. Especially it is important for those patients with stenocardia who in addition have also an arterial hypertension.
Правило 5 - нет курению!
The rule 5 - is not present to smoking!
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If you value health, then refuse smoking! At the smoker ability of erythrocytes to deliver oxygen to fabrics low, as for and a cardiac muscle. And at stenocardia the myocardium already tests air hunger. It not to mention that components of tobacco smoke at hit in blood damage walls of vessels and venous arteries that promotes formation of atherosclerotic plaques.
Правило 6 - нет алкоголю!
The rule 6 - is not present to alcohol!
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Some resort to the alcohol help as they believe that it expands vessels. But believe, rumors that alcohol helps to warn even a myocardial infarction, have under themselves no reasons.
Правило 7 - да физической активности
The rule 7 - yes physical activity
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Physical exercises are necessary as they not only increase working capacity and give energy, but also improve work of cardiovascular system. It is already proved that daily exercises (reasonably, of course), normalize a rhythm of cordial reductions and arterial pressure, lighten the mood and given to confidence in own forces.
Правило 8 - стремление к снижению веса
The rule 8 - aspiration to weight reduction
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It is known that the human body with an excess weight during the walking, run, rise on a ladder and performance of various physical activity consumes more oxygen, than a human body with a normal weight at the same loading. And if at having obesity there is both stenocardia, and his cardiac muscle constantly feels shortage of oxygen, then it falls into especially disadvantage.
Что делать при приступе стенокардии?
What to do at a stenocardia attack?
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If there was a stenocardia attack, it is necessary to accept at once sitting or lying position and to put Tabulettae Nitroglycerini under language. If after five minutes after taking the medicine pain did not pass, it is necessary to take one more Tabulettae Nitroglycerini and to call "ambulance".


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