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8 steps on the way to motherhood

Визит к гинекологу
Visit to the gynecologist
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The first that the woman wishing to become pregnant does – visits the gynecologist. It is necessary even in that case when the woman has no complaints. Survey of the doctor will help to make sure that it everything is all right, and also will reveal the available risks in case of which emergence and the doctor, and the woman will be already informed. It is ideally good to plan visit of the specialist together with the spouse, it will increase chances of pregnancy.
Прием витаминов
Reception of vitamins
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The woman needs to begin reception of vitamins even before pregnancy. On reception at the gynecologist she will receive recommendations with the indication of the name of vitamins and for their uses. For reception folic acid is obligatory. It can be a part of a multivitamin complex or independently be accepted. This vitamin serves as prophylactic of development of deviations in future fruit.
Контроль овуляции
Control of an ovulation
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The best time for pregnancy approach – an ovulation. If the menstrual cycle of the woman is equal to 28 days, then the ovulation falls on the 14th day. Those at whom everything is not so strict can acquire the test for an ovulation which will help to define this favorable time in a drugstore. It is possible to use a method of definition of an ovulation on basal temperature, measuring it during three cycles, in day of an ovulation temperature is slightly higher than usual.
От позы ничего не зависит
Nothing depends on a pose
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There is an opinion that certain poses are necessary for conception during sexual intercourse. By and large nothing depends on a pose if sperm gets there where it is necessary. The neck of uterus of the woman can sometimes change the situation depending on a pose, but it happens extremely seldom. For conception it is necessary to choose those poses in which spermatozoa have an opportunity more actively to move to the purpose.
15 минут покоя
15 minutes of rest
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From some advisers it is possible to hear that after sexual intercourse it is necessary to raise legs and to hold their vertically some time. But to be fair it is worth noticing that if and to raise legs, then only together with a basin, and differently it is not clear what the sense of the procedure consists in. Instead of going in for acrobatics at such responsible moment, lie down quietly 15 minutes. Brought it much more advantage.
Важнее качество, а не количество
Quality, but not quantity is more important
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In day of an ovulation it is not necessary to have sex it is unceasing. From the number of sexual intercourses will change little, and here quality of sperm can suffer. Sexual intercourse should not remind purely mechanical action, conception has to happen in the atmosphere of love and harmony. It is recommended to men at this time: not to use the fitting underwear, not to visit often hot sauna and not to carry the mobile phone in a trouser pocket.
Избегайте стрессов
Avoid stresses
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The overstrain and nervous excitement does not promote relaxation of an organism, can negatively influence conception, so, serves as an obstacle in a way to motherhood. Therefore in anticipation of important day it is necessary to avoid stressful situations, not to allow the irritating factors to deprive of you composure. As much as possible the heat bath, light massage, and also care and attention of the marriage satellite will help to relax.
Установите распорядок дня
Establish a daily routine
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To help to become pregnant the correct daily routine is called. Walk on air more, it is balanced eat and ensure moderate physical activity. This is not about regular trainings by sport as it is strong loading which is contraindicated to you. Also it is necessary to refuse all addictions if they were. It not only will increase chances of conception, but also will promote the birth of the healthy kid.


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