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Unguentum Ichthyoli - it is available and effective

Состав ихтиоловой мази
Structure of Unguentum Ichthyoli
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As a part of Unguentum Ichthyoli pitches contain. They are received in turn as a result of processing of some types of combustible slates. The received substance is called ихтаммол, it is distinguished by a pronounced unpleasant smell of fuel oil and saturated black color. Because of the first factor Unguentum Ichthyoli unfairly gave way more expensive, but not exceeding it by efficiency, medicines at all.
Правила хранения ихтиоловой мази
Rules of storage of Unguentum Ichthyoli
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If you decided to fill up the first-aid kit with this surprising means, then you need to know how it is correct to store Unguentum Ichthyoli. It will be required to find the dark cool place. The refrigerator, of course, will not approach, otherwise all products will develop a taste and a smell of Unguentum Ichthyoli. Choose the place remote from the food stuffs and objects used in life. It is better if it is the separate box standing in the place, unavailable to children.
Использование в гинекологии
Use in gynecology
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At gynecologic diseases apply Unguentum Ichthyoli having the form of candles. They are appointed at a salpingitis, a metritis, a parametritis, prostatitis. In any drugstore there are on sale similar candles in packagings on 10 pieces. The quantity of candles in days, and also duration of a course of treatment is appointed by the doctor to each patient individually.
Применение при прыщах и фурункулах
Use at spots and furuncles
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At emergence of furuncles it is possible to use 10% or 20% Unguentum Ichthyoli. She not only removes inflammatory process, but also has the strong anesthetizing properties that allows to relieve pain quickly enough. One more ability of ointment is the angenesis. Also ointment can use for removal of purulent spots. Means eliminates the center of an inflammation, at the same time on a face there is no trace left.
От заболеваний суставов
From diseases of joints
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Unguentum Ichthyoli is quite successfully applied to treatment of sore joints. For this purpose means is applied on joints daily, and already through short time the result becomes obvious. Pain weakens, the puffiness accompanying an inflammation falls down, mobility of joints is recovered.
Как извлечь занозу с помощью мази
How to take a splinter by means of ointment
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By means of Unguentum Ichthyoli it is possible to take deeply sitting splinter. Without waiting for the beginning of inflammatory process, process the struck place ointment and leave for some time to work. Ointment "will bring" a foreign body out of fabrics, and also will have the antimicrobic and disinfecting effect. It is possible to apply ointment and in all other cases when bystry and effective disinfection is required.
Метод нанесения
Drawing method
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Unguentum Ichthyoli possesses a persistent specific smell therefore it is necessary to put it by means of a wadding stick. It is the best of all to perform the procedure for the night as means on skin has to stay not less than six hours. Cause with a wadding stick to the place of an inflammation the necessary amount of ointment, close a wadded disk and fix from above by a plaster. It will save a bed from ointment hit. Next morning you will wake up without inflammation signs.
Преимущества ихтиоловой мази
Advantages of Unguentum Ichthyoli
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Unguentum Ichthyoli unlike the expensive analogs works not only outside, but also from within. Impact on the center of an inflammation and elimination of a cause of illness favourably distinguishes this means. Ointment affects only an infection source, without mentioning at the same time healthy fabrics. If you need means which treats, but does not eliminate symptoms, then Unguentum Ichthyoli – your choice!
Недостаток ихтиоловой мази
Lack of Unguentum Ichthyoli
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As lack of Unguentum Ichthyoli serves its smell. As it very resistant and very unpleasant, the people working in public places do not risk to use ointment. The smell has property to keep on skin a long time, to eat in clothes and objects of use. Only for this reason Unguentum Ichthyoli concedes in popularity to more expensive means of similar action.
Противопоказания к применению
Contraindications to use
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Unguentum Ichthyoli has contraindications to use. As them serve allergic reactions to ointment components, and also simultaneous use of means along with iodide salts and alkaloids. The individual intolerance of this medicine serves as a contraindication to its use too.


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