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How to meet New Year it is unusual

В башне замка
In a lock tower
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It is possible to spend a holiday in some resort in the Gothic lock. In the center of the big hall it is possible to be located with the whole company, and – to take food and drinks with itself or to use services of one of the catering companies. It is possible to rent the lock for all New Year's Eve, and even more – there would be means.
На крыше небоскреба
On a skyscraper roof
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On New Year's Eve there is a wish to experience all magic of the moment – to rise above the ground, to comprehend the lived years, to sum up the results and to plan the following undertakings. The excellent place for this purpose – a skyscraper roof. And it is even better if it is the observation deck, with the restaurants and cafe located on it. Vanity of sparks below adjusts on a contemplate harmony and casts thoughts of eternal.
В ванной
In a bathroom
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Excellent option of a celebration of a holiday for lovers. It is possible to decorate a bathtub with garlands and New Year's toys, to pour water in a bathtub with sea salt and foam, aromatic additives. To turn on the pleasant music and to put snack. Very romantically. Besides, it is possible to soil quietly hands in salad and to spill wine. If means allow, it is possible to fill a bathtub with champagne.
В темноте
In the dark
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New Year in the dark – a fine way to remember the childhood. Collect houses of guests, talk in a whisper and under no circumstances do not turn on the light. A floor is dimmed by mattresses, guests "go to bed" and … the disobedience holiday begins. Under blankets pocket small lamps join, adult children on the quiet drink alcoholic drinks and tell terrifying stories. Unusual impressions are guaranteed.
В полиции
In police
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This way belongs to extreme, but if you very much want – there is nothing impossible. How to carry out it? Yes it is simple: violate traffic regulations or governed socially about – and the New Year's Eve in a monkey house is guaranteed to you, unusual feeling – too.
В костюме Деда Мороза (Снегурочки)
In Father Frost (Snow Maiden's) suit
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Very cheerfully will be to get a suit of Father Frost or Snow Maiden somewhere and to walk in it down the street on New Year's Eve. It is possible to visit some restaurant or club – the heartiest welcome is provided to you there. Ideal option for the people who are looking for new acquaintances.
С завязанными глазами
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Still Schopenhauer wrote that without difficulties life would be boring. Means that New Year was remembered, it is necessary to overcome some difficulties. For example, it is possible to celebrate a holiday to the touch or aurally. So, at 23:30 we tie with a scarf eyes. Everything, you will be able to see the world even next year. You will eat, dance, communicate blindfold. And that then was what to remember, it is possible to install the video camera and for the morning to see it.
Под водой
Under water
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It is good to meet New Year under water – to put on an aqualung and to leave on depth. You should not worry about cold water – in special dry diving suits it is possible to plunge though behind the Polar circle. However, at night under water you will hardly see something interesting. But then it is possible to change clothes, go to meet New Year to other place, and for the rest of the life to tell friends about an unusual celebration of a holiday.
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If you meet New Year in the company of well familiar relaxed people, organize "the Ball of the Satan" – celebrate a holiday without clothes. Consider that it can be the only chance in your life to resemble in public without clothes. At the same time it is possible to do the same, as always – to communicate, drink, eat, pretending that all as usual. All your actions at the same time will be filled with the concerning novelty and romantic implication.
Лечь спать
To go to bed
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It is the very best extreme way of a meeting of New Year. All your acquaintances will just go crazy with envy, and your authority will increase up to unprecedented heights. Afterwards you can become the successful businessman or the Nobel laureate, but for your friends you forever will remain the person who overslept New Year.
Новый Год на снежной горке
New Year on an ice slope
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It is possible to spend perfectly time in the sports and entertaining park. Incendiary night parties, fireworks, club music, skating rinks and elevators. You can hire skis, skates, the sledge or a snowboard. And at daybreak to be returned in home tired and … absolutely happy.
Новый Год под знаком роскоши
New Year under the sign of luxury
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Fine way to meet new year with darling – to employ a magnificent limousine which will quietly float on New Year's Eve on the streets lit with New Year's fires and fireworks. The polite driver, the cooled champagne in a bucket, gentle pleasant music. Not new year, but the most present fairy tale.
В постели с любимым
In a bed with darling
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One more way to make a declaration of love to the half. Only it is necessary to meet a condition – you have to be together. If you have children – send them to grandmothers grandfathers or friends and try that you were disturbed only in extreme cases. And everything is farther according to the plan: sexy underwear, romantic situation, candles, champagne, fruit. And, of course, unforgettable night of love.
Новый Год в путешествии
New Year on a travel
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For a long time it is impossible to call this way of a meeting of New Year unusual, on the contrary – popular among our many fellow citizens. Change of a usual situation and bright impressions of new places will leave nobody indifferent. New Year's vacation in many travel agencies is affected by system of discounts therefore the chance appears also to save.

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