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We determine diseases by language

Покажите-ка язык
Put out the tongue
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Remember how in the childhood the doctor always asked you to put out the tongue. It appears, so he not only examined your throat, but also monitored changes of a fur. Yes, it is possible to determine existence of many diseases by a fur. Healthy people have wet language, flexible, homogeneous pink color, sometimes with a thin white plaque. With a thin plaque which easily is eliminated with a toothbrush or even with ordinary rinsing.
Толстый белый налет
Thick white plaque
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Thin white plaque which easily is eliminated – the phenomenon normal. And here the thick layer of a plaque can speak about digestive tract diseases (gastritis, a coloenteritis). If the thick plaque appears along with fervescence, it demonstrates existence of a viral infection. And the plaque on side sides of language can speak about diseases of kidneys.
Что делать?
What to do?
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It is not necessary to ignore such symptom as a thick white fur. Address first of all the therapist, and then – the infectiologist and the gastroenterologist.
Ярко-желтый налет
Bright yellow plaque
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The fur of bright yellow color can speak about problems with a liver and a gall bladder. If the plaque has a greenish shade, then it is possible to suspect existence of cholecystitis or a cholestasia (stagnation of bile). At hepatitis a front part of language turns yellow.
Что делать?
What to do?
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If you noticed a yellow plaque in the language, immediately take a blood test on biochemical analysis, in particular, bilirubin and aminotransferases (NUCLEAR HEATING PLANT, ALT).
Темный налет
Black stain
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The black stain in language can demonstrate existence of stomach ulcer or intestines. What to do? If you noticed at yourself a black stain in language moreover at your arsenal there are digestive tract diseases, it is necessary to address the gastroenterologist.
Черный налет
Black plaque
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Black fur – the phenomenon rare and dangerous. In the presence of diseases of a stomach and intestines it can testify to serious condition of the patient. It is also possible to observe a black plaque at some types of poisoning, cholera and severe dehydration of an organism.
Что делать?
What to do?
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The black fur unambiguously does not promise anything good. It is the best of all to see a doctor, and it is even more desirable to call the ambulance.
Коричневый налет
Brown plaque
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Most often the brown fur can be observed at the people inclined to addictions. So, he is at smokers, and arises because of existence in cigarettes of the painting pitches. It is also possible to observe a brown plaque at chronic alcoholics.
Что делать?
What to do?
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If you are sure that emergence of a brown plaque is not caused by an excessive libation the day before moreover and is followed by cough, high temperature, weakness, make clinical blood test on leukocytes. Also will not prevent to make X-ray of lungs to exclude pneumonia.
Зеленоватый налет
Greenish plaque
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The greenish fur quite often speaks about fungal infections – barmy glossites, candidiases. These are quite rare states which can result from reception of the strong antibiotics causing oral cavity dysbacteriosis. Also greenish plaque can be observed at stomatitis.
Что делать?
What to do?
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It is necessary to watch hygiene of an oral cavity, to regularly visit the stomatologist that harmful bacteria did not get accustomed in your oral cavity. If the plaque arose, it is necessary to visit the therapist.
Ложная тревога
False alarm
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The look mucous language and color of a plaque sometimes changes as a result of reception of some drugs. Such concept as "penicillinic language" is known - when the plaque gets a claret shade, and the surface of language becomes brilliant and smooth. Many patients accepting psychotropic drugs complain of dryness mucous a mouth and a friable white fur. And at reception of antidepressants "varnish language" is observed.
Как избавиться от налета на языке?
How to get rid of a fur?
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Discolorations of a fur most often testify to problems with health therefore it is necessary to carry out fight against a plaque from consultation of the therapist. If the doctor did not find at you anything menacing, then concentrate on careful respect for hygiene of an oral cavity. During toothbrushing pay special attention to language. Get an irrigator for an oral cavity.

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