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Айсинг - рецепт и техника изготовления украшенийThe Aysing represents the sugar and proteinaceous drawing weight used for jewelry of cakes and other confectionery. It can be white or color if to add special dyes.

Recipes of an aysing

There are several recipes of an aysing, but most often confectioners use the following options of its preparation:

"Royal Icing".


  • 250 g of icing sugar;
  • 0,5 tsps of lemon juice;
  • 1 ovalbumin.

For preparation of an aysing powder should be sifted, and carefully to separate protein from a yolk and to shake up a fork before receiving light foam. Continuously stirring slowly with weight, it is necessary to pour a squirt icing sugar and to shake up until steady mix is formed. Lemon juice is added right at the end as if to pour in it earlier, products turn out more brittle.

The recipe of an aysing with albumine.

Difference of this way of preparation from previous consists that instead of crude ovalbumin dry – albumine is used, but mix beating time increases a little (from 3-4 minutes during the work with crude protein up to 6-7 minutes with albumine).

Recipe of an aysing "Moehring puder".


  • 450 g of icing sugar;
  • 3 tbsps of the powder "Moehring Puder";
  • 6 tbsps of warm water.

Mix is shaken up by the mixer on small turns within 7-10 minutes. Its consistence is regulated by water. It is possible to buy dry protein in specialized shops.

After preparation of drawing weight, it can be painted watery or helium paints and that the aysing at the same time did not spread, it is necessary to add a little icing sugar to it.

Flexible aysing

Art of confectionery dressing reached new level with the advent of a flexible aysing. Before sugar jewelry demanded very accurate address, and work with them was long and scrupulous. Such products dried a long time, easily broke, and for giving to elements of a decor of the necessary form it was necessary to dry them on uneven surfaces. The flexible aysing (Sugarveil) solved the majority of these problems.

The main advantages of mix from Shugaveyl it:

  • Mixing within several minutes at addition of the correct amount of water;
  • Drawings stiffen for half an hour, and from usual mix approximately in 12 hours;
  • Ornament elements easily separate from parchment or polyethylene, at the same time they are elastic and do not break even if a pattern very thin;
  • The flat drawing easily takes the form of a surface on which it was placed, that is lace can be pasted on a bend of cake or to its side part;
  • Jewelry from a flexible aysing can be applied on a product just before giving on a table.

To draw laces from Shugaveyl manually extremely difficult therefore it is better to use silicone forms with ready drawings. Solution is filled in in a cliche, and then leveled then it is easily taken.

It is possible to work with silicone forms only mix Shugaveyl as it, stiffening, forms elastic structure which without effort can be taken. Drawings from usual weight, most likely, will break at such manipulations. Flexible laces can be used a full tape, or to cut out from them separate elements of a decor.

How to work with an aysing

Equipment of decoration of cakes aysing one of the most ancient, refined and expensive. Now there are more than 10 ways of dressing of confectionery sugar and proteinaceous weight, but the principle of work with an aysing remains invariable.

To prepare ornament, it is necessary to make a sketch of a product or to take a cliche. Then the piece of cellophane is put on the chosen template so that outlines of the drawing were well visible.

After that from dense paper the cone-shaped sack with an opening at the basis which is filled with drawing weight is displaced. Then, accurately squeezing out an aysing from a cone, it is necessary to lead round the drawing on a cliche, applying weight on cellophane. The turned-out sketch is left for drying.

As products from an aysing for decoration of cake very brittle, it is necessary to make a little more preparations, than it is necessary. To give to decor elements some form, it is necessary to prepare devices of the corresponding form. For example, the drawn butterflies dry on slightly slightly opened book. In this case they turn out not flat, and with the raised wings.

To receive openwork spherical products, proteinaceous weight should be applied on the small mumpish balloons oiled vegetable. After the aysing dries, spheres are punctured and are accurately taken from the turned-out jewelry.

Шугавейл - гибкий айсингSeparate details can be stuck together the ovalbumin which is previously placed with icing sugar.

Depending on the size of a detail and air humidity, also the drying period of products differs. The usual flower dries two days, and it is required to huge elements up to 5-6 days. Preparations can be put in an oven, but temperature in it should not exceed 40 °C.

Jewelry for cake from an aysing can be placed on a surface ready (baked and cooled down) enough dry confectionery, on chocolate and on other sweets which are not demanding special storage conditions.

Ready decorative preparations can is long to be stored in a box at the room temperature and normal air humidity. It is impossible to put jewelry from an aysing at all in the refrigerator as under the influence of cold they are liquefied therefore in advance prepared products place on cake just before giving.

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