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АламинолAlaminol – means antiseptic agent.

Pharmacological action

Active ingredients of Alaminol – glyoxal and alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride, the showing activity of bacteria, mushrooms of Candida, tubercular mycobacteria, causative agents of acute respiratory infections, viral parenteral hepatitis, HIV infection, herpes, a company - entero-, poliomyelitis viruses.

Release form

Release Alaminol in the form of a concentrate with a slight smell of bright blue color.

Indications to Alaminol's use

Alaminol according to the instruction apply for: disinfection of the products applied in the medical purposes, for predsteriliziatsionny cleaning of endoscopes and the tools which are applied to them, for disinfection of rooms, surfaces, furniture, the equipment, stock, a dressing material, napkins, one-time linen before utilization, objects of care of patients.

Alaminol's solution is successfully applied also to carrying out cleaning in institutions of public catering, medical, municipal service in the period of seasonal epidemics.

At regular use Alaminol prevents reproduction of mouldy mushrooms in inhabited, non-residential premises.


There are no contraindications to Alaminol's use.

Application instruction of Alaminol

According to Alaminol's instruction and the developed methodical instructions, there are different modes of disinfection.

Apply % solutions 1, 1,5, 3, 5, 8, 10 to antiseptic processing. To part 1% solution - 1000 ml of water are the share of 10 ml of a concentrate; 1,5% solution – 15 ml on 1000 ml of water; 3% solution – 30 ml of a concentrate on 1000 ml of water, etc.

Solution of 1% is applied to disinfection and prevention of development of infections of a bacterial origin (except tuberculosis) – wipe with it the sanitary equipment, surfaces, objects of care of patients from rubber, glass, plastic, metal for soaking of the uncontaminated and contaminated by allocations linen and the stock used for cleaning of rooms.

Alaminol's solution of 3 and 5% 1% apply in the same purposes, as solution, and also to processing of surfaces, objects of leaving, linen, the equipment, stock at tuberculosis, candidiases, dermatofitiya, viral infections.

Alaminol's 5, 8 use, 10% is recommended for disinfection of objects of medical prescription at bacterial, viral, fungus diseases, including candidiasis and tuberculosis - an immersion method in solution. For processing of glass, plastic, metal objects, tools, including in stomatology. It is necessary to part Alaminol 8 and 10% for processing of rubber products.

For presterilizing cleaning (soaking, washing and rinsing), disinfection of medical products (except endoscopes and tools which are applied to them) apply 5, 8% solutions.

Концентрат Аламинол плюсFor presterilizing cleaning (soaking, washing and rinsing) rigid, flexible endoscopes solution of 1,5% is used.

In ultrasonic installations apply 8% to presterilizing cleaning, disinfection of dental, surgical instruments solution.

It is necessary to part with Alaminol in rubber gloves, avoiding hit it in eyes. Tanks in which by means of solution carry out disinfection by way of immersion hold closed. The concentrated and divorced disinfector it is necessary to store separately from other medical supplies.

According to Alaminol's instruction it is possible to apply divorced solutions repeatedly throughout a period of validity or before outward change (opacification, discoloration, etc.). The concentrate is stored in an unopened container 12 months, and divorced solutions – no more than 10 days.

Side effects

Alaminol's solution at hit on integuments causes their reddening, irritation. In this case means needs to be washed away immediately from skin, to process it any softening cream.

At Alaminol's hit inside it is necessary to drink about 500 ml of water with 10 or 20 tablets of the coal activated.

At Alaminol's hit in eyes it is necessary to wash out and dig them a sulfacetamide of sodium of 30% - 1-2kap.

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