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Short characteristic of a disease

Ангиопатия сетчатки глаза

At an angiopatiya the tone of blood vessels is broken. It happens because of disorder of nervous control. This disease of bent to dystonia is shown, can pass into vasospasms.

People whose age threshold stepped over a mark 30 are most often subject to Angiopatiya.

Angiopatiya can be several types:

- hypertensive;

- diabetic;

- hypotonic;

- traumatic

At teenagers the youthful angiopatiya of a retina of an eye can be observed.

Angiopatiya of an eye retina

At an angiopatiya of a retina of an eye there is a modification of vessels which are on an eyeground. If the person has such disease as a hypertension, then he very often suffers also from unstable arterial pressure, and from functional vascular frustration. It can also promote development of an angiopatiya of a retina of an eye.

At an angiopatiya of a retina of an eye emergence of spasms of arteries is observed, on an eyeglobe the macula lutea (a so-called symptom of Gvist) can appear. Besides at an angiopatiya of a retina of an eye of people can feel a blood pulsation in eyeground vessels.

Diabetic angiopatiya

People for whom the diabetes mellitus is diagnosed suffer from a diabetic angiopatiya. At this type of an angiopatiya small and large vessels are surprised. There is a defeat of walls of vessels, the hemostasis is broken. Most often such processes happen in eye retina vessels, glomerular circulatory capillaries of kidneys, in heart vessels, in arteries of the lower extremities.

In these cases the thickening of basal membranes is observed, on walls of vessels mucopolysaccharides begin to be laid, it leads to the fact that the gleam of a vessel is narrowed and finally there can be its obstruction. These changes lead to deterioration in microcirculation that , in turn, leads to a hypoxia of fabrics.

The diabetic angiopatiya of the lower extremities has the features. Sensitivity can be lost, the polyneuritis of different degree (burning, numbness of foot, a pain syndrome) is expressed, ulcers can develop, in the most hard cases at a diabetic angiopatiya gangrene of fingers of feet is possible. But if the person asks for medical care in time, such outcome is almost excluded.

Hypertensive angiopatiya

Consequences of a hypertension are the cornerstone of a hypertensive angiopatiya. It can be expanded veins which can be observed on an eyeground, branchiness of a venous bed, dot hemorrhages which can be observed on an eyeglobe surface.

At the started stage of a hypertensive angiopatiya of change already occur in retina tissues, dot hemorrhages in an eyeglobe occur often, opacifications of a retina of an eye in different places are also observed. If the hypertensive phenomena at the patient are eliminated, then the eyeground will take a normal, healthy form again.

Treatment of an angiopatiya

Лечение ангиопатии сетчатки глаза At treatment of an angiopatiya medicines on doctor's orders are applied. For microblood circulation improvement the doctor can appoint Pentilenum, арбифлекс, trental, solkoserit, vazonit, other drugs. These drugs promote an izgibayemost of erythrocytes, it is necessary in order that erythrocytes could pass freely on capillaries.

For treatment of an angiopatiya with the increased fragility of vessels appoint добезилат calcium. This drug improves microblood circulation in blood vessels, reduces viscosity of blood, helps to normalize permeability of vessels.

For treatment of a diabetic angiopatiya, in addition to medicines, the doctor appoints a special diet, excluding from a diet products, carbohydrate-rich. Also recommends to the patient to include a small exercise stress. The exercise stress promotes consumption by sugar muscles, improves work of cardiovascular system of an organism.

In addition to use of medicines in treatment of an angiopatiya physiotherapeutic methods, such as laser radiation, magnetotherapy, acupuncture are used.

If the angiopatiya is in the started state, the probability that there will be a need to carry out clarification of blood by means of a hemodialysis is high.

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