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Atheroma – the high-quality soft education under skin of rounded shape appearing owing to obstruction of a channel of a sebaceous gland. Most often it can be found on a face, a pilar part of the head, axillary hollows, a crotch, a scrotum, vulvar lips, the back surface of a neck, interscapular space – where a large number of sebaceous glands is located.

Sometimes the atheroma is called a fatty tumor, it can be the different sizes – from a small pea to nut, and it is even more.

Atheroma reasons

Disbolism and unsuccessful ecological conditions, injury, hormonal disturbances can become the atheroma reason.

Atheroma symptoms

The atheroma seldom causes painful feelings and to understand that it it is possible at visual medical inspection.

The atheroma is often infected, inflames and zagnaivatsya. As a result it reddens, increases, becomes painful, at the person body temperature increases.

Diagnosis of an atheroma

For diagnosis the education similar to an atheroma is examined by the doctor.

To designate it previously as an atheroma it is possible proceeding from typicalness of an arrangement and outward of education – it has clear boundary, it does not cause painful feelings, and on its surface the blocked entrance to a grease channel is looked through (in the form of a black point).

But such fatty tumor is very similar to a lipoma and therefore the correct and final diagnosis can be made only after morphological or histologic to researches by results of which exclude a lipoma and a zlokachestvennost of education.

Treatment of an atheroma

The official medicine concerning treatment of an atheroma offers only its removal. Now well to three methods: classical operative measure, laser and radio wave removal of an atheroma.

Способ лечения атеромы в официальной медицине - удаление

The choice of a method of treatment almost always remains for the patient as all these ways are equally applicable to atheromas of any sizes.

Advantages of laser and radio wave methods are a high cosmetic effect, preservation by the patient of working capacity, lack of the rehabilitation period.

Only if the fatty tumor inflamed, and purulent masses gathered inside, do not carry out removal of an atheroma – opens it, clears of contents and appoints drug treatment.

Despite the categorical relation of official medicine to treatment of atheromas, also folk remedies practice. But it is necessary to remember that national treatment of an atheroma usually does not yield instant result and it is impossible to treat so inflamed fatty tumor as it bears danger of infection of the next fabrics.

Such recipes of national treatment of an atheroma are especially popular:

  • treatment by mutton fat. The warm kindled mutton fat is rubbed in an atheroma.
  • Treatment by coltsfoot. Fresh leaves of a plant need to be imposed on an atheroma and to fix by a plaster or bandage. Change such compress of times a day.
  • Treatment by broth from a burdock root. Foment with the filtered and cooled down burdock broth (2st.lozh. on 0,5l. waters).
  • Treatment by the baked onions. The small bulb baked and ground in gruel needs to be mixed with the grated laundry soap (1 Art. of beds.). The received weight is imposed on an atheroma and covered with a bandage. Two-three times a day a compress need to be changed.
  • Treatment by garlic. Several garlic gloves pound and add a little sunflower oil. The received gruel the easy massage movements is rubbed in an atheroma.

National treatment of an atheroma is carried out usually to its total disappearance

Prevention of an atheroma

As the atheroma arises because of disturbance of outflow of a grease secret, it is regularly necessary to carry out cosmetic procedures for cleaning of a time on skin: masks, plastic massage, steam bathtubs. The special attention should be paid to zones where greasiness of skin is most expressed. Apply the drying shampoos to reduction of greasiness of head skin.

Except personal hygiene the great value in prevention of atheromas is attached also to food. It is necessary to try to use as little as possible the products containing carbohydrates, animal fats.

If removal of atheromas does not help, and they recur, it is necessary to address the endocrinologist. Perhaps, the reason of an atheroma is covered in pathology of endocrine system.

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