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Азопирам-КомплектAzopiram-Komplekt – a set of reactants for identification of the hidden traces of blood on the medical tools prepared for sterilization.

Form of release and structure

The reactant of Azopiram-Komplekt contains:

  • pyramidon solution in isopropyl alcohol, the stabilizer – 90 ml;
  • aniline muriatic solution in isopropyl alcohol, the stabilizer – 10 ml.

Additional reactant: 3% hydrogen peroxide (is not included in the delivery package) – 100 ml.

Indications to use

Set is used for control of care of presterilizing cleaning of all medical tools which adjoin to a wound surface, contact to blood or drugs for injections (for example, a set of operational tools).

Azopiram-Komplekt it is applied on products of medical prescription to detection of traces:

  • blood;
  • rusts;
  • laundry detergent with bleaches;
  • acids;
  • oxidizers (in particular, chromic mix, chloric lime, chloroamine, etc.);
  • peroxydase of a plant origin.

An inspection is carried out at disinfection and sanitary and epidemiologic stations, and also in all treatment-and-prophylactic institutions.

Route of administration and dosage

For preparation of working structure it is required with pyramidon solution (90 ml) to transfer muriatic aniline (10 ml) to a bottle and to mix carefully. Just before presterilizing check solution should be brought to volume of 200 ml addition of 100 ml of 3% (pharmaceutical) peroxide of hydrogen. The received mix needs to be mixed carefully before full dissolution and to use within 2 hours.

Before work it is necessary to carry out the suitability test for what 2-3 drops of working solution apply on a bloody spot. If within 1 minute there is a violet coloring, the reactant is considered suitable for use. If coloring does not happen or it appears 1 minute later after test, the result is not considered, such solution cannot use. Control of cleaning of medical tools before sterilization using Azopiram-Komplekt is carried out in treatment and prevention facilities at least, than once a week. Process of control will be organized and carried out by the senior nurse of department. Once in a quarter control is carried out by sanitary and epidemic stations.

Working solution (reactants of the Azopiram-Komplekt set and 3% hydrogen peroxide in the ratio 1:1) is applied on the studied medical tools and products – wipe with a tampon or applied directly on the tool by means of a pipette. For check of syringes (reusable) in them pour 3-4 drops of working solution and several times advance the piston to moisten all internal surface of the tool. For assessment of quality of cleaning of catheters and other hollow products enter solution by means of the syringe or a pipette into them. Solution is left for 1 minute then it is merged on a gauze napkin. The quantity of a reactant which is necessary for check of a product directly depends on its size.

By means of one Azopiram-Komplekt set it is possible to carry out about 2000 statements of reactions, at the rate of a consumption of working solution 2 drops on 1 test.

Special instructions

Moderate yellowing of reactants of set (without loss of a deposit) does not reduce its quality in any way.

When checking medical tools, they have to be room temperature. It is impossible to subject to testing hot products, it is also impossible to use solution near heating devices.

Working solution (Azopiram-Komplekt set reactants + 3% hydrogen peroxide) should not keep on bright to light and can be used only within 2 hours.

Drug is capable to keep the properties after freezing and the subsequent thawing.


Azopiram-St, Azopiram-SK, Azopiram-Komplekt, Azopiram-D, Azopiram-S, Azopiram-Minimed, Azopiram-@.

Terms and storage conditions

To store in original packaging, at a temperature of 18-25 °C, in the dark place unavailable to children.

Period of validity – 2 years.

Period of storage of ready solution in densely closed dark bottle at a temperature of 4 °C – 2 months. In the dark, at the room temperature, a period of storage of ready solution no more than 1 month.

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