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Медихронал-ДарницаMedikhronal-Darnitsa – the combined drug with disintoxication action improving exchange processes in an organism.

Form of release and structure

Medikhronal-Darnitsa is issued in the form of granules: white with a yellowish shade or white color, inodorous (in packages No. 1 and No. 2, on 1, 7 or 21 set of packages in a cardboard pack).

Are a part of a package No. 1:

  • Active agent: monohydrate of glucose – 17,5 g;
  • Auxiliary component: povidone.

Are a part of a package No. 2:

  • Active agents: glycine – 7 g, sodium formiate – 3,5 g;
  • Auxiliary component: povidone.

Indications to use

  • Treatment of an abstinent state and drunkenness;
  • Increase in efficiency of other methods of therapy;
  • Secondary prevention of alcoholism;
  • Intoxication prevention.


  • Arterial hypotension;
  • Diabetes mellitus in severe forms;
  • Hypersensitivity to drug components.

The feeding and pregnant women drug can appoint only after ratio assessment advantage/risk for health of mother and the child.

Route of administration and dosage

Medikhronal-Darnits's drug is accepted inside, after food, previously having dissolved a single dose (contents of both packages – 28,5 g) in 100-150 ml of warm water. To improve tastes it is possible to use not carbonated drinks (compote, juice, etc.).

At acute alcoholic and abstinent states frequency rate of use of drug in the first day makes 1-2 times (with an interval of 10-12 hours), in the next 2-3 days means is accepted once a day.

At treatment of an alcoholism (as a part of complex therapy) and in need of secondary prevention drug is shown to be accepted courses lasting 7 days, daily on one single dose (28,5 g). It is necessary to conduct 3 courses with breaks in 3 days between courses. With the preventive purpose (for the prevention of a recurrence) in 1-1,5 months after the end of therapy it is recommended to complete a repeated 30-days course of treatment Medikhronal-Darnits's drug. Also for a year carrying out 1-3 repeated short-term preventive courses of treatment lasting 1-2 weeks is possible.

For prevention of intoxication in 30 minutes prior to the use of alcoholic beverages it is recommended to accept 1 single dose.

Side effects

All components which are a part of drug of Medikhronal-Darnits are among natural metabolites therefore means is, as a rule, transferred well. In some cases the following disturbances can develop:

  • Nervous system: deterioration in concentration of attention, headache, irritability, tension;
  • Immune system: hypersensitivity reactions, including an itch, rash and urticaria;
  • Digestive tract: nausea.

Special instructions

Medikhronal-Darnits's drug is used as monotherapy or along with other medicines. Appointment is made taking into account specific features of the patient that provides a possibility of change of duration of therapy or increase in number of repeated courses for a year.

At tendency to arterial hypotension it is necessary to control the level of arterial pressure and, in need cases, to adjust a drug dose (Medikhronal-Darnitsa is accepted in smaller doses at regular control of arterial pressure). At lowering of arterial pressure below usual level treatment should be cancelled.

As glucose is a part of medicine, restriction to performing therapy are the states which are followed by development of a hyperglycemia.

During use of drug it is necessary to be careful at control of motor transport and performance of work with difficult mechanisms.

Medicinal interaction

Glycine (one of active components of drug of Medikhronal-Darnits) lowers toxicity of anticonvulsant and antipsychotic means, antidepressants and antikonvulsant.

The effect of braking of the central nervous system amplifies at simultaneous use with tranquilizers, antipsychotic and somnolent drugs.

At treatment of alcohol addiction Medikhronal-Darnits's drug can be accepted together with other medicines (except for Disulfiramum which is appointed, in case of need, upon termination of a therapy course).

Terms and storage conditions

To store in the place, unavailable to children, in original packaging at a temperature up to 25 °C.

Period of validity – 3 years.

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