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About stomatology

Современная стоматология

The stomatology as one of the directions of medical science, appeared several centuries ago, but in those days people sacredly believed that all problems will be solved after removal of a painful tooth. Other reasons of pains were not even considered. Today all in a different way. The highly effective modern stomatology meets all requirements of the person. In complex dental care are used: medicines, high-frequency installations, physiotherapeutic procedures and even ultrasound. Thanks to development of medical technologies, the modern stomatology is capable to save people practically from all diseases of teeth and a jaw. Besides, today doctors successfully recover the lost functions of the maxillofacial device, give to people to look good well after severe injuries and diseases.

As well as many other sciences, stomatology it is subdivided into several main directions. The therapeutic children's stomatology is engaged in studying of diseases of teeth and peridental fabrics, develops techniques of fight against caries, a periodontal disease, periodontosis, other widespread diseases of teeth and an oral cavity. The surgical stomatology concentrates on the sparing treatment of inflammations, mechanical damages, tumoral processes, correction of the inborn and acquired defects.

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