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Allokin-alfa – antiviral and immunomodulator of domestic production.

Pharmacological action

Аллокин-альфаUse of Allokin-alfa allows to strengthen effectively all links of immune system of the person: humoral and cellular immunity.

Due to use of Allokin-alfa activity of the T lymphocytes making cellular immunity increases. In turn, T lymphocytes suppress and destroy a virus, and, directly at the time of interaction with the medicine Allokin-alfa.

Medical reviews of Allokin-alfa demonstrate that drug is capable to struggle to production of endogenous interferon which gives the chance to an organism actively with a disease.

Thanks to administration of drug of Allokin-alfa, carrying out excitement through cells and nerves of smooth muscles is regulated, transfer of neuromuscular impulses which were broken in view of blockade of potassium channels is stimulated. Besides, impact of a histamine, oxytocin, acetylcholine and serotonin on smooth muscles amplifies.

Use of Allokin-alfa does not make toxic impact on an organism and does not cause nonspecific activation of immune system after the postponed disease.

Main results of pharmacological action of Allokin-alfa:

  • Removal of symptoms of a viral infection;
  • Reduction of terms of an exacerbation of a disease;
  • Decrease in risk of complications;
  • Exception of palindromias in the future.

Release form

Allokin-alfa it is made in the form of white powder or porous weight, inodorous. From it prepare solution for intramuscular hypodermic introduction. As a rule, medicine is issued in the form of Allokin-alfa of 6 ampoules.

Indications to use of Allokin-alfa

Use of Allokin-alfa yields a positive take in fight against such diseases as:

  • Human papillomavirus infection (PVI or VPCh);
  • Herpes infection;
  • Genital herpes;
  • Chronic viral hepatitis With and In;
  • Labial herpes;
  • Dysplasia of a neck of uterus (erosion);
  • Papillomas, condylomas, warts (flat and bottom);
  • The mixed urogenital infections;
  • Flu and SARS.

Thus, use of Allokin-alfa is reasonable when at the patient sharp decrease in immunity, and flash on this background of a viral infection is noted. This highly effective immunomodulator is also applied to suspension of development of an infection.


Allokin-alfa according to the instruction it is impossible to accept in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy on any term;
  • Feeding of the child breast (lactation period);
  • Age up to 18 years;
  • Hypersensitivity to drug components;
  • Autoimmune diseases (scleroderma, system lupus erythematosus, diffusion toxic craw).

During treatment of Allokin-alfa it is necessary to stop alcohol intake.

Application instruction of Allokin-alfa

According to the instruction to Allokin-alfa, the drug is administered subcutaneously. For receiving solution for injections it is necessary to dissolve drug in 1 ml of normal saline solution of sodium chloride (NaCl).

Usually, the course of treatment of Allokin-alfa makes 6 ampoules.

In case of existence of a recurrence of a viral infection herpes of more than 6 times in a year, and duration of the acute period more than 5 days, treatment is made as follows:

1. During the first recurrence 3 doses of the drug Allokin-alfa on 10 mg are entered. Injections are made every other day. The course of treatment, thus, will make 5 days;

2. During the next recurrence do 3 injections on 1 mg, doing the same between them one-day breaks;

3. In the subsequent recurrence the dose of Allokin-alfa decreases to 0,1 mg. At the same time also 3 injections with one-day breaks between them are made.Согласно инструкции к Аллокин-альфа, препарат вводят внутримышечно

If the frequency of a recurrence of a disease makes less than 6 times in a year and less than 5 days last, treatment by the drug Allokin-alfa looks as follows:

1. The first recurrence – 3 introductions on 1 mg (having rummaged one day);

2. The next recurrence – 3 introductions on 0,1 mg.

In case of treatment of an acute hepatitis (In and C), use of Allokin-alfa is made after final installation of the exact diagnosis. The dose of the entered medicine in this case makes 10 mg. Injections carry out 3 times a week, treatment lasts 3 weeks. In total, do to the patient 9 injections of Allokin-alfa. If the disease proceeds in less severe form, appoint on 1 mg of Allokin-alfa to one injection.

According to reviews to Allokin-alfa, this drug is often appointed in a combination with the Acyclovir.

Side effects

Usually, as reviews of Allokin-alfa testify, this drug is well transferred by patients.

In rare instances, use of Allokin-alfa can cause some side effects:

1. Muscular weakness;

2. Dizziness.

3. Emergence of new elements of herpetic rash

All these signs, as a rule, take place at incorrectly made treatment of Allokin-alfa.

Can lead to side effects:

  • Exceeding of a dose of drug;
  • Wrong combination of drugs;
  • Non-compliance with contraindications in the instruction of Allokin-alfa;
  • Non-compliance with hygiene of a body;
  • Disturbance of an order of injections (lack of breaks);
  • Wrong manipulation of a prick.
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