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Начальная форма аспергиллеза легких

Aspergillosis is understood as the infectious disease of skin, lungs, okolonosovy bosoms and other internals caused by mouldy fungi of Aspergillus. These fungi get into a human body at inhalation a dispute. The special concern causes the fact that they are eurysynusic in the nature and meet not only in the soil, flour or cereal cultures, but also just in dusty rooms. Cases when separate forms of an aspergillosis (for example, an aspergillosis of lungs) struck people even in the conditions of a hospital were recorded. The aspergillosis reason the same – dust and insufficiently responsible attitude to cleaning of rooms.

In certain cases symptoms of an aspergillosis are shown in the form of an endogenous infection, but it is rather an exception to the rules and is true only in relation to people with the weakened immunity. In recent years rather sharply there was a problem of infection with an aspergillosis of persons with various immunodeficiencies. It is enough to tell that an aspergillosis of lungs comes to light at 20% of patients with the diagnosis of HIV. In the beginning aspergillomycosis affects lungs, then a pleura and lymph nodes. On blood vessels an aspergillosis extends on other bodies. Very often an aspergillosis of lungs turns in generalized (septic) that in 50% of cases leads to the death of the patient. Let's notice at the same time that from the person to the person the disease is not transmitted.

Aspergillosis symptoms

Duration of an incubation interval is definitely not established, however, it is known that an aspergillosis of lungs can influence any bodies and fabrics. Doctors allocate several forms of an aspergillosis depending on that, activators are localized where exactly.

Aspergillosis of lungs – aspergilla settle on blankets of a mucous membrane of bronchial tubes and in lungs. In process of development of an infection all new and new systems of an organism are involved in process. At patients are observed:

  • general weakness;
  • cough with a phlegm of gray color;
  • fervescence;
  • fever;
  • asthma, stethalgias;
  • lack of appetite;
  • bad dream.

Except above-mentioned symptoms of an aspergillosis, patients feel taste of a mold in a mouth. Sometimes in a phlegm the greenish lumps representing accumulation of fungi are found. Let's notice also that the chronic form of an aspergillosis is usually secondary. It means that at the diagnosis a chronic aspergillosis treatment, first of all, means search of primary disease which clinical symptoms are quite often imposed on consecutive infection. The probability of a lethal outcome at this form of a disease fluctuates from 20 to 37%.

Septic aspergillosis – symptoms prove against the background of sharp oppression of immunity. At patients are observed: gastrointestinal tract diseases, a mold smell from a mouth, a liquid foamy chair, red small knots on skin, brain abscesses. Against the background of opportunistic infections and oppressed immune system an aspergillosis often leads to the death of the patient (not less than in 50% of cases).

Aspergillosis of ENT organs – arises after an inner ear operations or the postponed diseases of a throat and mucous membrane of a nose. An aspergillosis is widespread among the people working at the weaving mills and the enterprises producing malt. Symptoms of this form of an aspergillosis are similar to symptoms of outside and average otitis.

Treatment of an aspergillosis

Амфотерицин В лучшее лекарство при лечении аспергиллеза легких Regardless of infection type, treatment of an aspergillosis is very labor-consuming task. The chemotherapy and antibacterial agents do not result in the expected effect as, however, and all other techniques of fight against infectious diseases known to doctors. For this reason in recent years at diagnosis an aspergillosis, treatment is under construction on use of surgical methods. The patient carries out a lobectomy with a resection of the struck bodies. If operation it was carried out by the competent specialist with observance of all established procedures – intervention is transferred without complications and gives good forecasts for the future. At the started forms of an aspergillosis of lungs surgical treatment is used together with conservative methods. A sick aspergillosis appoint Amphotericinum In, Oxacillinum, nystatin, erythromycin, antibiotics of tetracycline group. Along with it the person accepts vitamins. Also sick aspergillosis fortifying treatment is recommended.

When using anti-mycotic drugs the quantity of antibodies sharply increases in blood, but by the end of treatment it returns to normal. If an aspergillosis of lungs leads to damages of skin and mucous membranes, antimycotic and anti-inflammatory drugs are recommended to patients.

As for forecasts of treatment. An aspergillosis of lungs leads to a lethal outcome in 20-35% of cases (at HIV of the patients infected mortality reaches 50%). At infection of mucous membranes and ENT organs the forecast, as a rule, favorable. At a septic form of an aspergillosis – adverse. It is very important to reveal symptoms of a disease in time and to make the correct diagnosis therefore, the before the patient will see a doctor with complaints to an aggravation of symptoms, the chance that treatment will keep to the person life is higher.

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