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Avamis represents hormonal antiedematous drug for local use at nasal cavity diseases.

Form of release and structure

The expressed antiinflammatory action provides to Avamis the active component which is its part – a flutikazon furoate (a synthetic glucocorticosteroid).

This drug in the form of spray of the nasal, containing homogeneous suspension white color is produced. When using a single dose the general bioavailability (ability to be acquired) of medicine makes about 0,5%. Linkng of drug with proteins of plasma makes 99%. Metabolism happens in a liver to formation of an inactive metabolite, is removed generally with a stake.

Spray Avamis on 30, 60 or 120 doses in a bottle is produced.

Indications to use

Drug is appointed for a symptomatic treatment of the allergic cold which is shown both seasonally, and all the year round. And also at adenoides, for reduction of hypostasis of mucous.


According to the instruction, Avamis is not appointed in the following cases:

  • At individual hypersensitivity to drug components;
  • To the patients who earlier received therapy ritonaviry;
  • To children is younger than two years.

With care Avamis is appointed to the patients having heavy disturbances of functions of a liver and also pregnant women. In the period of a lactation drug is appointed in minimal effective doses.

Route of administration and dosage

Spray is appointed only for intranasal use (injection through a nose). Use of drug should be carried out regularly, without passing doses.

Clinical trials demonstrate that notable influence of medicine is observed 7-8 hours later after injection of a dose. Development of the maximum therapeutic effect happens within three days of use of Avamis.

Before the first use of drug a bottle it is necessary to stir up, remove well a cap and to press 6 times the doser button. Such actions are necessary to adjust the correct dosage for further use of spray. Adjustment of dosing is necessary also if drug was not used within the last month.

According to the instruction, Avamis it is necessary to inject into previously cleared nasal courses. Holding a bottle in vertical position, the head should be inclined slightly forward, then to accurately enter a tip of a bottle into the nasal course and, taking a breath, to press the doser button. The exhalation after Avamis's use becomes through a mouth.

Spray dosage Avamis:

  • Adults and teenagers are more senior than 12 years – on 2 injections in each nasal pass once a day, after achievement of therapeutic effect it is necessary to reduce a dose to 1 injection in each nasal pass;
  • Children from 2 to 12 years – on 1 injection in each nasal pass of 1 times a day, in case of need before achievement of necessary effect it is possible to increase a dose by the period to 2 injections.

Duration of a course of treatment is determined by the doctor, proceeding from duration of influence of allergen and a condition of the patient.

Side effects

Reviews of Avamis confirm possibility of such negative effects as:

  • Nose cover cankers;
  • Nasal bleeding;
  • Rash, skin itch, small tortoiseshell;
  • Quincke's edema, acute anaphylaxis;
  • Delay in development in children at prolonged use.

Special instructions

Change of pharmacokinetics of a flutikazon of furoate at patients with considerable disturbances of work of a liver is possible.

Avamis's use does not exert impact on ability to control of difficult mechanisms and driving of motor transport.


There are no drug analogs on the operating active agent.

Avamis's analogs on the rendered therapeutic effect (treatment of cold, allergic including): Aqua Maris, Allergoferon, Allerzhi, Berlikort, Vibrotsil, Vividrin, Galazolin, Gistalong, Grippostad Rino, Dexamethasone, Diazolinum, Dlyanos, Doksitsiklin, Doctor Tayss Nazolin, Zodak, Intal, Ketotifenum, Klarisens, Klaritin, Koldakt, Ksilometazolin, Lordestin, Morenazal, Nazivin, Nazoneks, Naftizin, Olint, Prednisolonum, Rinza, Sanorin, Suprastin, Tavegil, Pharmazolin, Ferveks spray from cold, Tsetirinaks, Tsetrin, Erbisol, etc.

Terms and storage conditions

Drug should be stored at a temperature from 15 to 30 °C, avoiding hit of direct sunshine on it.

According to the instruction, Avamis it is possible to use within 3 years from the moment of production. After the first use drug needs to be used within two months, after this term it is considered unsuitable.

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