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Brazil nut

Brazil nut - the South American plant which is known also under the name the American nut. It is eurysynusic in Guyana, Brazil, Venezuela, east parts of Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. Despite the name, the main exporter of a Brazil nut is Bolivia.

Бразильский орех

The fact that botanists unlike simple consumers carry a Brazil nut to grains is interesting. Usually in nut pulp is located separately from a cover, and the cover in turn is divided into two halves, i.e. at all not as in a Brazil nut where the fruit looks more than unusually: nutlets are located as an orange segment in a fruit which reaches up to 2,5 kg.

Useful properties of a Brazil nut

Today useful properties of a Brazil nut are widely known. This fruit is protein-rich - 18% and carbohydrates - 13%, is just a well of useful elements – copper, iron, potassium, zinc, vitamins E, A,B6.

It is a lot of in nuts of arginine which increases coagulability of blood.

In a Brazil nut the level of content of fats, to 69% is very high. It impacts to nut slightly earthy relish. Fat which contains a Brazil nut belongs to unsaturated fats which use promotes decrease in level of cholesterol in blood.

Flavoring and nutritious properties which the Brazil nut has surpass a macadamia and even coconuts. In comparison with other nuts, Brazilian very large and them often use for production of oils.

Caloric content of a Brazil nut – 682 Kcal on 100 g.


The high content of vitamin E which very positively influences skin helped the oil received from a Brazil nut to be widely adopted with cosmetology. It has the excellent healing and moistening effect, is used for treatment of burns and some skin diseases. You can independently make the cosmetics more useful if you add oil of a Brazil nut to their structure, but it is no more than 10% of lump. A number of medical researches showed that the use of Brazil nuts considerably reduces probability of a disease of cancer prostatic and mammary glands as the Brazil nut contains a large amount of selenium. Besides selenium which contains in a Brazil nut makes the rejuvenating impact on an organism.

It is also noticed that couple of nutlets a day considerably reduce probability of a stress and strengthens a nervous system.

Масло бразильского ореха

Harm of a Brazil nut

It should be noted that if you have an allergy to any other types of nuts, then and the use of a Brazil nut, most likely, will cause an allergy. You should not abuse a Brazil nut even if you have on it no allergy. Couples of nuts a day quite enough. It is impossible to forget that the Brazil nut contains a quantity of radioactive material under the name radium which influence on an organism leaves much to be desired.

There are strict rules which concern import of a Brazil nut, entered by the European Union. It is strictly forbidden to import this valuable nut in the cover as it contains the aflatoxins which are badly influencing a liver.

High caloric content of a Brazil nut is the known fact and therefore it is desirable for people who have a desire to get rid of several kilograms of weight to refuse the use of a Brazil nut.

It is undesirable to use nuts that who has a hypertension.

Summing up the result, one may say, that can bring both advantage, and harm a Brazil nut. First of all, before its use in food, it is necessary to be sure that you have no contraindications to a Brazil nut and even if it so to try not to abuse it.

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