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Whether harmfully to smoke a hookah?

The simple device for smoking of tobacco with the mine and a long flexible grape stalk, with the water filter is called a hookah. Whether its smoking is harmful? Many people consider smoking of a hookah a harmless pleasant entertainment. Whether harmfully to smoke a hookah? It is impossible to answer the matter unambiguously. Disputes on whether the hookah is harmful, are conducted long ago. Fans of this way of smoking speak about harmlessness of a hookah. However scientists conducted a number of researches to learn whether the hookah is harmful to health of the person. Results of researches showed that harm from a hookah for health is.

Вредно ли курить кальян?

Smoking of a hookah – an unsafe alternative to smoking of cigarettes

Tobacco smoke promotes emergence of negative changes in an organism. Admirers of a hookah in an hour of smoking inhale as much tobacco smoke how many contains in two hundred cigarettes. A part of nicotine holds the water filter of a hookah, however in smoke nevertheless there is a large number of chemical compounds and salts of heavy metals, carbon monoxide. Scientists consider that the amount of nickel, is much more chrome, cobalt and beryllium in smoke of a hookah, than in cigarette smoke. The Canadian scientists conducted special researches to receive the answer to a question whether harmfully to smoke a hookah. According to them, two-three times more nicotine and carbon oxide gets into lungs when smoking a hookah in forty five minutes, than when smoking a usual cigarette. Researches confirmed that the hookah is not less harmful to a human body, than a cigarette.

The sad statistics shows, is harmful or not a hookah. When smoking cigarettes the smoker, doing 10-15 tightenings, inhales about a half of liter of tobacco smoke. Fans of a hookah usually do from 50 to 200 tightenings. And if to consider that in each such tightening about one liter of smoke, then the admirer of a hookah at one time can inhale the same volume of smoke, as when smoking hundred cigarettes.

Hookah. Whether harmfully to smoke it?

The hookah makes the strongest negative impact on passive smokers as the content of tobacco smoke in places for a raskurivaniye is very high. Sometimes tobacco mixes for hookahs surpass standard cigarettes in concentration of harmful components. As when smoking a hookah there is a release of carbon dioxide, at a raskurivaniye symptoms of poisoning of an organism - nausea, a headache, short wind, a loss of consciousness can appear. Also the feeling of intoxication arising after smoking of a hookah is explained by release of carbon dioxide.

Arguing on whether harmfully to smoke a hookah, it is impossible to forget that the pitches of tobacco coming to a human body are fixed on walls of vessels and settle in lungs. At the same time the risk of development of pathologies of a respiratory organs, atherosclerosis and oncological diseases increases. The foil used for smoking of a hookah when heating by coal emits cancerogenic aluminum vapors.

That for an organism there was as little as possible harm from a hookah, it is necessary to use best quality tobacco for smoking, to periodically wash out all parts of a hookah, not to combine a hookah raskurivaniye with the use of alcoholic beverages, and to give preference to natural lemonades and elite grades of tea. Interested some scientists whether it is possible to smoke a hookah to wean from smoking of standard cigarettes. They proved that the bulk of the people smoking a hookah through some period starts over again smoking cigarettes.

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