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How to keep health on New Year's vacation

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New Year is the nervousness connected with preparation for a holiday and the choice of gifts. Any failure is capable to spoil to us mood. One of effective ways of fight against a stress are songs. When singing a large amount of air gets into lungs that improves blood supply of all bodies and stimulates production of hormones of joy. Therefore what you did – sing.
Не падайте
Do not fall
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During the winter period the number of patients at traumatologists grows. And skis leads slippery winter streets, skating to injuries. Try to keep balance. Safely to go on a slippery surface, it is necessary to move small short steps as penguins. In a vestibular mechanism signals of changes of position of a body will not act this way and it will help you to stand firmly on feet.
Купите ледоходы
Buy ice drifts
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It is safe to go on ice to you special ice drifts which are put on footwear will help. These devices are made of rubber and equipped with metal springs which during walking will cling to ice and to provide good coupling.
Берегите сердце
Protect heart
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The cordial attacks for New Year become frequent, and stresses, and also the plentiful use of food and alcohol are guilty of it again. These factors provoke development of heart attack or stenocardia. In risk group it is possible to carry the smoking people having obesity, a diabetes mellitus or an idiopathic hypertensia. You should not start up everything at random – allocate time for visit of the doctor.
Опасайтесь тромбоза
Be afraid of thrombosis
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Physicians noticed a tendency – the number of patients with thrombosis on New Year's Eve increases. The reason of it is simple – again stresses. Under the influence of a stress thrombocytes begin to stick together among themselves, thrombosing vessels on site of an atherosclerotic plaque. That it did not occur, have acetylsalicylic acid in the home first-aid kit. It will help to avoid thrombosis, and, therefore, your New Year's vacation will not be spoiled.
Не забудьте о нитроглицерине
Do not forget about nitroglycerine
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If all of you felt pressure in a breast which passes into a mandible and hands, remember nitroglycerine. At pain in cordial area and behind a breast sit down and take one Tabulettae Nitroglycerini. If in 20 minutes pain does not release, urgently run to the doctor.
Профилактика простуды
Prevention of cold
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On New Year's vacation very offensively will be to catch a cold and to spend all holidays at home with cold and temperature. Put on more warmly, do not rely on soft weather. The winter – time can lead deceptive and slightest overcooling of legs to undesirable effects.
Интерферон и оксолиновая мазь
Interferon and oxolinic ointment
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These two reliable tools work on mucous a nose through which practically all infections come to an organism. They effectively fight against pathogens at their hit on a mucous membrane. Therefore, entering in the winter from the house, dig to yourself in a nose interferon or grease nostrils with oxolinic ointment.
Не дышите ртом
You do not breathe through the mouth
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When you are in crowded places, you should not breathe through the mouth as through it virus pathogens can get to an organism too. And surely as often as possible wash hands. If you began cold, use only one-time scarfs.
Избавьтесь от лишних калорий
Get rid of excess calories
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In New Year we are inclined to the excessive use of food. But the received calories need to be spent somewhere. One of the most pleasant methods to spend excess calories is the orgasm. During it the person loses about 25 calories. And during a romantic kiss about 90 calories are burned. So you love each other and have sex.
Предупредите похмелье
Warn a hangover
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Seldom what New Year's vacation does without alcohol. But the excessive use of alcoholic beverages can cause an organism drunkenness, in other words, a hangover which will precisely spoil to you all days off. The most correct council will – drink less here.
Если все же не получилось...
If nevertheless it did not turn out...
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The hangover is poisoning. Therefore a priority is to reduce concentration of toxic substances. If for New Year's holidays you have a great desire to drink, and even such unpleasant piece as a hangover, you are not stopped, wash down each dose of alcohol with a glass of water. It will help to avoid dehydration. And the next morning drink at least two liters of water.
Аспирин - ваш друг
Aspirin - your friend
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If to you it is so bad in the morning that you cannot rouse the head, remember aspirin. It is possible to accept it with two purposes – to kill a headache (the anesthetizing action), and to connect alcohol decomposition products in an organism (in particular – acetic aldehyde).
Парацетамол - ваш враг
Paracetamol - your enemy
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You do not treat a hangover paracetamol at all. This medicine possesses a hepatotoxic action and will significantly aggravate alcohol influence, destructive for a liver.

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The person accepting antidepressants in most cases will have a depression again. If the person coped with depression by own efforts, he has every chance forever to forget about this state.