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Ayran – the dairy drink which is perfectly satisfying thirst and saving from a hungover syndrome.Кисломолочный напиток айран


Ayran – fermented milk product which is received as a result of the mixed fermentation of goat, cow's and sheep milk with addition of yeast. A sort this wonderful drink from Kabardino-Balkaria and Circassia. It is widely applied in national cuisine of the Central Asian and Caucasian people.

In the different countries there is various technology of preparation of ayran. So, the settled people prefer to cook liquid drink which perfectly satisfies thirst. And here the nomadic people prefer ayran dense, on a consistence reminding sour cream thanks to what it well is exposed to transportation. Dense ayran before the use, as a rule, is parted with water, milk or koumiss.


Drink since 5-2 centuries B.C. when it was especially loved by Ancient Greek Kerkinitida's inhabitants is known. Over time the recipe of preparation of ayran got to nomad tribes to Scythians – ardent enemies of Greeks.

At the time of Great resettlement of the people the nutritious product capable a long time was necessary for people to keep the useful properties. Ayran became such product also. He underwent testing time, having passed through the millennia, and did not lose relevance and in our times.

In Armenia there is a similar drink under the name of tannins. In ancient times mountaineers sacredly stored the recipe of preparation of ayran. In the 19th century the Russian scientists became interested in the reasons of longevity of the Caucasian people and came to a conclusion that wonderful drink ayran which property is bactericidal action and an izlechivaniye from gastrointestinal diseases is the reason for that. But long time to them was not possible to extract ferment and to learn the mystery of preparation of drink – it was carefully protected by aksakals. According to the Caucasian legend, on our lands drink appeared thanks to the Russian girl who managed to win the heart of the Armenian prince. She agreed to marry it, but only in exchange for a wineskin of treasured ferment.

Commercially in the territory of Ukraine and Russia tannins and ayran began to be made in the nineties the 20th century. Now practically in any supermarket it is possible to buy this drink. But on tastes the purchased product only bears a faint resemblance to the original. Such ayran easily prepares in house conditions, it is rather simple to shake up in the blender natural yogurt with salt and water.

The main component of the Circassian ayran is the suzma or a button. The button is the curdled milk made from boiled milk. Before souring milk is evaporated more, than on a third therefore the product turns out very fat. Suzma is something between sour cream and cottage cheese, receive it after decantation of a button.

Use of ayran in cookery

Thanks to the properties, ayran is preferential used as soft drink in summer heat, for appetite improvement, for a basis of cold soups. Ayran is perfectly combined with fragrant herbs. Depending on a dish and time of day it is possible to add a basil, cilantro to it, especially in combination with meat dishes. And if just there is a wish to drink something cooling, then ayran with mint perfectly will approach, and, it is the best of all to use confectionery mint which has more expressed aroma and taste with "chill".

In city conditions ideal water for ayran will be нарзан with addition of cubes of ice. If drink is planned in maintenance to dishes, then as seasoning it is possible to add a pinch of a paprika, a coriander or a zira to it.

Ayran is perfectly combined with fruit. They are added to drink and insisted on an extent of several hours. Especially tasty it turns out if to add green apple which will soften taste of drink and will give it fruit freshness. Such ayran can be made before going to bed, and in the morning, having shaken up it the blender, to have breakfast the crackling pastries, washing down it with fragrant drink.

Structure and caloric content of ayran

In 100 g of ayran 2,79 g of carbohydrates, 1 g of fats, 1,74 g of proteins, 8 mg of ascorbic acid contain.

Caloric content of ayran makes about 27 kcal on 100 g of a product.

Advantage of ayran

Калорийность айрана - 27 ккал на 100 гIn a type of the fact that cook drink as a result of fermentation of a key product useful properties of ayran are obvious to an organism.

First, it is very well acquired as at its structure there are simple proteinaceous connections promoting harmonious work of intestines and stomach, production of bile and a gastric juice. It recovers intestinal microflora and brings slags out of an organism.

Secondly, the advantage of ayran consists in recovery of work of a nervous system and disinfecting of an organism. The regular use of ayran strengthens immunity and prevents inflammatory diseases.

The advantage of ayran for the people suffering diseases of respiratory system is indisputable. Dairy drink promotes inflow of blood to lungs, improving work of respiratory centers of an organism. It is useful to drink this drink at different times year. So, for example, in summertime it perfectly satisfies thirst, and it is useful to drink it for increase in resistance of respiratory system to infectious and catarrhal diseases in the winter.

For the Caucasian people ayran is the key to good health and longevity.

Ayran for weight loss

Know the few about advantage of ayran, and its unusual taste will be to the taste not to everyone, but for weight loss ayran is simply irreplaceable. Caloric content at it low, but it has surprising property to sate and give force to an organism. Besides, medicinal property of ayran is its ability to reduce cholesterol level in blood that also contributes to normalization of weight.

Many nutritionists strongly recommend ayran for weight loss. For this purpose it is useful to arrange fasting days. It is enough to drink everything three days only this drink, and you will get rid of 2-3 kilograms of excess weight.

Harm of ayran

If to speak about harm of ayran, then, as well as any other fermented milk product, it is harmful at the wrong maturing and preparation. It is not excluded also that your organism will not apprehend this drink. It is the best of all to store ayran on cold not longer than days, and to use in a freshly cooked look.

It is necessary to know that ayran can do harm at hyperacid states: ulcer of a 12-perstny gut and stomach, gastritis.

Whether you know that:

According to opinion of many scientists, vitamin complexes are almost useless for the person.