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Enemies of female beauty and ways of fight against them

Враг №1 - внешние факторы
The enemy No. 1 - external factors
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The bad ecology, improper climate, toxic chemicals in water and the soil, an air gas contamination – all this negatively influences health of the person. And, as we know, where there is no health, there is no beauty also. And about constant stresses it is even possible not to speak in general – about them and is so written too much. Well, how at such life it is possible will manage also to look good?
Как бороться?
How to fight?
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It appears also as it is possible. If you live in improper climate and bad ecology – strengthen immunity, select the corresponding cosmetics for a body and a face, nails and hair. Against stresses it is possible to fight by means of antistress programs, gymnastic exercises, sedative medicines, a psychotraining, etc.
Враг №2 - пониженный иммунитет
The enemy No. 2 - the lowered immunity
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Frequent colds, long chronic diseases (gynecologic, cardiovascular, gastroenterological etc.) are capable to spoil even the most attractive appearance. Dim hair, bad skin, ugly gait, an uneven bearing, an extinct look, an aggravation of symptoms of gums and teeth – unless it can be beautiful?
Как бороться?
How to fight?
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Immunity needs to be strengthened. The healthy and balanced nutrition, passing of a rate of vitamin and mineral additives, sport, a hardening, tranquility will help with it. Treat the health with attention – and the organism will reciprocate to you. You not only will feel well, but also to look fine!
Враг №3 - неправильное питание
The enemy No. 3 - improper feeding
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With these the enemy it is easier to cope, than with the first two. Malnutrition or an overeating, food in a hurry, greasy and salty food, shortage of minerals and vitamins, liquids in an organism – all this directly beats appearance. Disturbances of a chair, a cyanotic or icteric shade of skin, baggies lower eyelids and hypostases – quite often these problems are caused by improper feeding.
Как бороться?
How to fight?
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Accustom themselves to eat properly. Exclude from a diet all fat, fried, salty, smoked. Hard? Yes. And you want to be beautiful? Besides, drink more liquid – not less than 1,5 liters of water a day, spend on drink a rate of vitamins and minerals. After a while the healthy nutrition will recover your health and will return the lost beauty.
Враг №4 - неправильный режим дня
The enemy No. 4 - the wrong day regimen
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Excessive loadings are capable to make old any beauty ahead of time. When the woman looks bad, she is usually asked: "did not sleep?" And really, the sleep debt directly affects appearance – the tired and tortured look, the rumpled look.
Как бороться?
How to fight?
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It is possible to work for 14-16 hours a day, but only occasionally, for example, during preparation for examination. It is also undesirable to break day-night rhythms, confusing day and night. If as obliges it is necessary to work at night, it is necessary to organize the convenient mode of rest and a dream.
Враг №5 - гиподинамия
The enemy No. 5 - a hypodynamia
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The slow-moving way of life leads to flabby skin, excessive completeness or leanness, a malposture. Excessively grown fat or, on the contrary, the cachetic woman is capable to cause only pity.
Как бороться?
How to fight?
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The human body is expected big exercise stresses. Before people it was forced to work much physically to get to itself livelihood. Today the food gets work too, but not always to physical. However the need for the movement did not get to anywhere – it needs to be satisfied. Find time for sports activities, gymnastics, charging, and your body you will thank.
Враг №6 - напряженность
The enemy No. 6 - tension
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The intense psychoemotional state instantly affects appearance of the person. The increased nervousness and a depression are capable to lower charm and to add years. Impossibility to calm down, fall asleep, search all of new and new shortcomings of itself, fear of the future, the frightened look. Yes, beauty did not stand here and nearby.
Как бороться?
How to fight?
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Women, remember: your first ally is a tranquility – guarantee of health, wellbeing and beauty. Protect internal tranquility, smile more often, and you will be surely beautiful.
Враг №7 - дурные привычки
The enemy No. 7 - bad habits
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It is difficult to fight against bad habits, and, nevertheless, it is necessary. Try to avoid hard liquors, using them in limited quantities. Alcohol promotes a set of weight and spoils complexion. Well, and smoking is in general one of the worst enemies of beauty and health of the person.
Как бороться?
How to fight?
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Do not dare to become a uniform of bad habits. Define for yourself that is more expensive to you – minute calm and relaxation which to you is given by cigarettes and alcoholic beverages and for which inevitably it is necessary to pay with the with beauty and health, or beautiful appearance and strong immune system?
Враг №8 - отсутствие любви и секса
The enemy No. 8 - lack of love and sex
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The woman is created for love and reproduction. When she feels as darling, it blossoms and it becomes even more beautiful former. If it it is deprived, then gradually turns into a sexless being. It is not necessary to struggle with this enemy. It is necessary just to sit down and understand himself – why the opposite sex does not show interest in you? And not always appearance is this reason.


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