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Councils for care of a body

Этапы ухода за телом
Stages of care of a body
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By and large, care of a body a little in what differs from face care. It consists of the following stages: clarification, peeling, moistening and nutrition. You should not forget about massage and exercise stresses. It is known that skin on a body is thicker, than on a face therefore it is necessary to buy special cosmetics for a body and to put it with a thick layer.
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For clarification of skin of a body get special penomoyushchy means which, in addition to the clearing elements, contain also the additives nourishing and moisturizing your skin. To it belong: proteinaceous gidralizator, oils, vegetable and aromatic components which help to relax and feel comfort.
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After clarification the body needs putting the nutritious and moisturizing cream or lotion. As a part of such means there have to be components which are holding moisture in skin, softening it, not allowing it to dry up and interfering emergence the peelings and irritations rendering antiinflammatory effect.
Физическая нагрузка
Exercise stress
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Every morning try to begin with charging. It stimulates the movement of blood in capillaries at the expense of what your skin receives more food, and, therefore, remains elastic and young longer. During charging pay special attention to problem zones (hips, a stomach, buttocks).
Душ с утра
Shower since morning
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After charging go to a shower. It is recommended to do it every day. Clarification of skin water – one of the main methods of leaving helping to eliminate from its surface microbes, dust, sweat and pollution. At fat and normal skin use gel or soap for a shower. And at dry skin it is necessary to use special detergents and to rub in skin of cream and oil.
Температура воды в душе
Water temperature in soul
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It is the best of all to take a moderate shower. The alternating douche – alternation of hot and cold water helps to cheer up and take off fatigue. And here with hot water you should not speak rapidly. It too dries up skin. Will not prevent to pound during a shower a body a brush or a bast – it stimulates blood circulation and peels the died-off skin cells.
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The bathtub is effective not only for holding cleaning procedures, but also improves blood supply, a metabolism, stimulates activity of a nervous system.
Температура воды в ванной
Water temperature in a bathroom
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For a usual hygienic bathroom there is enough water temperature of 36-37 degrees. At the same time time of stay in a bathtub should not exceed 20 minutes. Excessively long stay is capable to do much harm to skin. Cosmetologists recommend to alternate hot bathtubs and cold douches – it strongly stimulates skin.
Эфирные масла
Essential oils
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It is possible to add some essential oil to a bathtub – it will positively affect all organism. And here you should not be fond of bath foam – it overdries skin. Choose the bath preparations containing fatty components in structure. Also do not use them too often as all of them are counted on short-term impact on skin.
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Deep cleaning of skin promotes removal of the keratosic layer, stimulates process of regeneration of skin, improves penetration of the nutritious and moistening means therefore skin becomes smooth and gentle. Skin of a body is thicker than face skin and therefore demands deeper clarification.
Скрабы для тела
Body scrubs
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It is possible to carry out a peeling of a body once a week. Apply a srub on wet skin then a brush with a natural bristle distribute means on all body rotary motions. Pay special attention to rough places – knees, elbows, a foot of legs. Leave a srub on a body for 3-5 minutes, and then wash away warm water.
Выбираем средство для тела
We choose means for a body
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Every day after a shower or a bathtub skin needs food and moistening. It is necessary to choose means depending on your type of skin. You watch that it was rich with oils and moisturizing components. Besides, it has to be absorbed quickly in a body, it will be pleasant to whom if the clothes stick to skin or on it there will be fat spots.
Солнцезащитные средства
Sun-protection means
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In the summer (before an exit to the street or visit of the beach) or in the winter (at visit of a sunbed) do not neglect sunblock creams and emulsions.
Не увлекайтесь косметикой
Be not fond of cosmetics
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Keep in mind that excessive use of cosmetics leads to the fact that through some time skin loses ability to regeneration of a protective film which is on its surface. In addition, some components of cosmetics neutralize each other and cause allergies. Therefore observe a measure and whenever possible use only reliable tools.

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