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Snowboarding: advice to beginners

Польза сноубординга
Advantage of snowboarding
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The snowboarding is that sport which is simply created for the people preferring active recreation! Occupations bring them huge benefit for health: train a vestibular mechanism, normalize cardiovascular system, and help to find a good figure. Riding a snowboard about an hour it is possible to lose up to 500 calories! At the same time even 1-2 trainings a week will yeild tangible result.
Стили катания
Styles of driving
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The technician of driving on a snowboard exists much. The most widespread styles: freestyle, carving, freeride. The most spectacular is the freestyle which includes various tricks and jumps. A carving – driving at which the board costs on an edge, freeride – with elements of jumps and turns. Training of any of them has to be provided under the leadership of the experienced instructor.
Какой сноуборд выбрать?
What snowboard to choose?
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If you only master snowboarding elements, choose a "soft" board. It has a good maneuverability and it is easier for them to manage. The board of average rigidity will be suitable for conquest of more difficult routes, and the most rigid copies are intended for a carving. Board width is also of great importance. The wide board is steadier, however it is more difficult to them to manage. Width with which boots support edges of a snowboard on 1,5-2 cm on both sides is considered ideal.
Универсальные доски
Universal boards
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There are also universal borda which can be distinguished on a text of "All mountain". Buy them not only beginners, not absolutely confident in what board will suit them, but also the experienced snowboarders preferring to alternate different types of descents.
Выбор одежды
Choice of clothes
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Many of us, moving along a route "house-work-house", put on not too warmly as they do not spend the whole day on the street. On the ski slope similar is not admissible. Your clothes for driving on a snowboard have to be warm, convenient, protect from wind and snow, not to constrain movements.
Куртка и брюки
Jacket and trousers
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We choose a jacket and trousers from membrane light fabric which protects clothes sublayers, effectively taking away moisture. The mark of Waterproof will help to define, the clothes get wet or not. You need that in which the coefficient of Waterproof will be equal to 8000-10000 mm – for trousers, and 5000 mm – for a jacket.
Layered clothing
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You should not neglect a layered clothing which main task – to take away moisture and to keep heat. The layered clothing has to be sewed from qualitative fabric and is dense adjoin to a body, it will help you to avoid overcooling. Will be necessary: breeches, jacket, thermosocks.
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The sweatshirt is an important component of warming. It is possible to dress, of course, and cotton, however the product made of fleece will be more preferable. Do not forget also about a cap, gloves and glasses.
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Ideal option for beginners - occupations with the instructor. In some resorts there are special training group courses. However experienced snowboarders advise to master a board to a trip, otherwise you will fully not be able to enjoy hillsides and fine landscapes as you will be concentrated on the correct performance of the technology of descent. But where it is possible to train?
На круглогодичном горнолыжном комплексе
On a year-round alpine skiing complex
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Such complexes exist in each large city. Irrespective of the fact which temperature behind a window, there – always minus 5. These centers, as a rule, work until late at night therefore it is possible to attend classes at any convenient time.
На горнолыжном тренажере
On the alpine skiing exercise machine
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Recently simulators of skis and snowboards which help to learn to ride within gym enjoy popularity. On the screen before yourself you see a virtual slope which you try to overcome by means of the exercise machine. With you the personal coach on the individual plan of trainings is engaged.
Что стоит учесть
What should be considered
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Snowboarding – injury-causing sport. Therefore occupations suit them only to those people who are not afraid of falling and speed, and are in good physical shape. At trainings you will be taught to fall correctly to minimize effects, and also will recommend to strengthen muscles of legs, a press and a back.
Немного истории
It is a little history
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The first snowboard was thought up in the sixties last century. It was made by Sherman Poppen of the State of Michigan for the daughter, having just stuck together among themselves skis. The subject was called "сноусерф". Unlike a snowboard, it had no fastenings therefore it was possible to go on it, holding the rope attached to a board nose. Fastenings were thought up only in 1985.

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