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Pediculosis (pediculosis, pediculosis) (Latin pediculus, "louse") — a parasitic disease of skin and its derivative — a hair. On the person the head louse (Pediculus Humanus Capitis), a clothes louse (Pediculus Humanus Corporis) and a pubic louse (Phtyrus Pubis) can parasitize. According to it distinguish a pediculosis head, clothes and pubic. There can be also mixed pediculosis when there is an infestation of the mixed type (e.g., a simultaneous infestation of a head and clothes louse). Louses eat the owner's blood, and eggs (nit) paste to hair (the clothes louse lays eggs pleated of clothes, pastes to hair on a body of the person less often).

Pediculosis symptoms:

The pediculosis has the following symptoms:

    * a skin itch in the place of a sting of a louse
    * small grayish-bluish spots on skin
    * raschyosa (excoriation)
    * presence of nits in hair

From the infection moment to the first symptoms of a disease there can pass several weeks.
As a result of infection having combed pustulous diseases of skin can develop.
It should be noted that clothes louses are the main carriers of a sapropyra and some other rickettsioses. Much less often typhus is carried by head louses, in isolated cases — crab-louses.

Pediculosis reasons:

Head and clothes louses are transmitted from the person to the person at direct contact (or through clothes, linen, objects of use, a hairbrush, etc.).
The pubic louse (crab-louse) is, as a rule, given sexually, but also transfer through things (bed linen, clothes etc.) is possible.
It is impossible to catch louses from animals as these parasites are species-specific, that is human louses can live only on the person [3

Treatment of the Pediculosis:

It is possible to apply the next way to disposal of a crab-louse (a pubic louse):

    * To shave all hair where it is possible (on a pubis, armpits), for avoidance of infection of the place of stings to disinfect 10% white mercury ointment.
    * From eyelashes and eyebrows to remove parasites with nails.
Clothes louses. Linen and clothes it is necessary to boil or process the ferry as idle time of low-temperature washing can appear insufficiently. After high-temperature processing it is necessary to hang out linen for a week, it is desirable in the sun in the aired place.
Other way includes processing by insecticidal drug, with the subsequent washing and week airing in the sun.
The most efficient disinfecting of clothes and linen in the paroformalinovy camera is considered. This method is more effective as it combines high-temperature and chemical treatment.
When processing clothes it is necessary to consider that nits can be postponed in thick folds and seams of clothes where they can sustain insufficient thermal treatment.
Considering the special epidemiological importance of a clothes pediculosis and a possibility of fixing of nits not only on clothes vorsina, but also vellus hair of an integument of the person, at widespread process it is necessary to resolve an issue not only of disinsection of clothes, but also of processing of the patient with one of pedikulotsidny drugs.
Head louses. In drugstores the wide range of protivopedikulyozny means — shampoos, ointments, aerosols is on sale. Classical drugs for treatment of this disease are:

    * Serortutny ointment
    * 20% water and soap suspension of benzyl benzoate (drug for treatment of itch, was used also against a pediculosis earlier, but now it is not recommended)
    * 5% boric ointment

It is necessary to remember that even with ovotsidny effect a part of nits, as a rule, survives therefore it is important to remove them mechanically.
When using any means from louses it is necessary to observe most precisely the instruction as these drugs are very toxic. Many of them are contraindicated to pregnant women and the feeding women, small children.
After use of any means it is necessary to comb surely the head a special metal fine-tooth comb and to remove each egg manually. It will take several days as to remove nits not easy. For achievement of maximum efficiency it is necessary to comb hair a hairbrush with very small step of cloves. Usual hairbrushes badly delete nits, at their use it is necessary to remove in addition nits fingers, and plastic fine-tooth combs are intended for prevention since are not capable to hold rigidly distance between teeth. If hair long, then them it is necessary to cut off at least to shoulders that it was easier to comb out dead insects and eggs. It is possible to facilitate comb-out, having applied balm, fish oil, oil on hair, having given "effect of sliding". Oil of an olive saves from parasites, and oil of a geranium has also antiinflammatory effect, heals wounds [5].
At fight against a head pediculosis it is extremely important to neutralize (to boil, iron) personal linen of the infestirovanny person (a pillow, a towel, a pillowcase, a sheet etc.). Also it is necessary to examine other family members (schoolmates, children in the same group of kindergarten etc.) regarding infection.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Pediculosis:

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