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Punctulate keratolysis - the plokhoizuchenny, infectious disease in dermatology affecting most often persons of young age. Very often, unfortunately, he is not known or it is forgotten also in the medical environment.

Keratolysis reasons:

Is caused by coccal microorganisms (spherical shape), such as Micrococcus sedentarius, Pseudomonas aeryginosa. Provocative factors are the increased perspiration of feet.

Keratolysis symptoms:

The disease of emergence of punctulate, roundish deepenings on internal surfaces of both feet from 1 to 8 mm, that is on sites which closely adjoin to footwear is characterized. When moistening a rash gain yarkovyrazhenny white color.  Most often it is calcaneal area, fingers.
As a rule all this is followed by very unpleasant smell. Occasionally there can be a burning, an itch, morbidity when pressing. Quite often, behind ignorance, the small-celled keratolysis is taken for a fungal infection by doctors and furthermore also patients, the wrong treatment or self-treatment by antifungal ointments which are inefficient, and from it and failure of treatment is appointed. Naturally, at home you will not carry out laboratory diagnosis and therefore it is necessary to address the dermatologist.



Treatment of a keratolysis:

Treatment consists of purpose of antibacterial ointments (erythromycin, klindomitsinovy), antibacterial soap.

Surely the provocative factor, such as a hyperhidrosis (the increased perspiration) is eliminated. The most modern is an administration of botulotoxin (Botox) in the field of feet, botulotoxin blocks action of sweat glands. If there are contraindications to this procedure or it is expensive to you, then apply ointments, powders, solutions which are available on free sale (Formidronum, ointments with alum, Teymurov's paste), physiotreatment.

Wearing close footwear is surely excluded, it is necessary to go to a thicket barefoot, that is the tight environment in which with success microorganisms breed is eliminated.

National methods, such as, oak bark, leaves of mint and a sage, a St. John's Wort in the form of trays promote blocking of sweat glands, possess also disinfecting action. Many modern ointments from the increased perspiration contain components, known in traditional medicine long ago.

Yes of course, you will not die of a punctulate keratolysis, but cosmetic defect and an unpleasant smell will frighten off many people around. Therefore see a doctor quicker.

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