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Ring-shaped granuloma


Ring-shaped granuloma call a chronic disease of an integument which is characterized by the nodular rashes which are located in the form of a ring. Today any specialist cannot precisely point to an origin of this type of a disease.

Reasons of a ring-shaped granuloma:

The reason of a ring-shaped granuloma is not known. Perhaps, pathology of immune system at which disturbance of cellular immunity and allergic reaction of the slowed-down type develops takes place.
The contributing factors:
Genetic predisposition.
Conducting tuberkulinovy tests.
Stings of mites and other insects.
Autoimmune thyroiditis.
Diabetes mellitus.
Long reception of vitamin D.

The ring-shaped granuloma often develops on site tattoos and hems, after warts and shingles.


The disease arises at children's or youthful age more often. It is shown by developing of rashes in the form of dense painful small knots of very small size, on average to 3-4 mm in the diameter, pinkish color. Rashes extend on the periphery, grouped, merge among themselves, form rings and circles. The centers are resolved, becoming smooth and sunk down in the center. Course of a disease vspyshkoobrazny. There can be a spontaneous disappearance of rashes without trace. But sometimes (in rare instances) there are ulcerations. More often integuments of the back of brushes, feet are surprised, is more rare - forearms, buttocks, a nape. Subjective feelings at patients are absent.

Symptoms of a ring-shaped granuloma:

Small knots happen or yellowish, or colors of surrounding skin; there can be one ring or a little. Small knots usually do not cause pain or an itch; they, as a rule, form on feet, legs, hands and fingers both at children, and at adults.

Кольцевидная гранулема на кисти

Ring-shaped granuloma on a brush

Treatment of a ring-shaped granuloma:

Apply an obkalyvaniye of defeats by a hydrocortisone emulsion, fortifying therapy, vitamins C, D2, E. Effektivn a biopsy in the surgical way, and also scarifying therapy, i.e. separate notches of the peripheral roller.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Ring-shaped granuloma:

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