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Couperosis — a vascular disease of skin at which on it there are vascular asterisks, reticulums of expanded capillaries.

Couperosis symptoms:

Most often vascular reticulums are located on a face — in wings of a nose, a chin, cheeks, sometimes on skin of legs. They can be any color — from pale red to bluish-red, and therefore are sharply allocated against the background of healthy skin.

Клинические проявления купероза

Clinical displays of a couperosis

Couperosis reasons:

Exercise stresses, influence of high and low temperatures, ultraviolet, hormonal imbalance of an organism, reception of hormonal contraceptives, vegeto-vascular dystonia, liver diseases, wrong use of cosmetics, and also genetic predisposition to decrease in elasticity of blood vessels. Light and thin dry skin is especially subject to this illness.

Treatment of the Couperosis:

The couperosis, as well as any other disease, demands special treatment. The earlier it will be begun, the it will be simpler to get rid of vascular reticulums. Now various techniques which type depends on severity of a disease are applied. Sometimes there is enough use of the special cosmetology means rendering antikuperozny effect (these are various tonics, serums, creams, masks etc.). Phototherapy methods, laser treatment, ozonotherapy, chemical peelings are applied. Their results are fixed by means of use of cosmetics, reception of some drugs (C, K vitamins, Rutinum), passing of cosmetic saloon procedures (for example, mesotherapies).

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Couperosis:

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